We’re Here to Support Small Businesses and Chambers of Commerce

Support Local Businesses in your own community by shopping at ShopMainStreetOnlineWe were founded on one simple premise—to help small businesses continue to flourish. We have developed a new and innovative online shopping system that bands together small boutiques, galleries, restaurants, shops, studios, and more—with a dedicated place where people can shop and support merchants in their communities.

By using our site, you’ll be able to browse through your selected community, “walk” into their virtual stores, and purchase with confidence. And by patronizing Shop Main Street Online, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re supporting small local businesses, helping local economies, and keeping our cities thriving—all from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Our brand new shopping site is the key to success for small local business owners, and an opportunity for customers from all over the world to shop local.  We invite you to BE BIG, SHOP SMALL and have fun!

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“The goal of Shop Main Street Online is to empower communities, Chambers of Commerce, and small businesses throughout the US.”