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Unique Funding and Fundraising Opportunities

Local Fundraising Products. Schools and Nonprofits Create Free Storefronts with Unlimited Products and Scheduled Giving for Ongoing Fundraising Opportunity. Nonprofits Create Free Storefronts with Unlimited Products, Variations and Photos. Create Scheduled Giving to Get $5 per week or $25 per month, etc. in Ongoing Support. No Limits. 90% of Total Transactions for Products Purchased in the…


Wisconsin Foodie – Potosi Brewing – Visit Wisconsin

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie, we travel to Potosi and visit Potosi Brewing and the National Brewery Museum. Potosi Foundation President David Fritz gives us a tour through the history of the Potosi brewing from old to new and talks about how the brewery is reviving the community. Potosi Brewing – Website – Facebook…