Alloy Rim Straightening- Wheel Repair at St. Marys Tire Alloy Rim Straightening- Wheel Repair at St. Marys Tire Lucas Tire & Auto Repair Chicago - Save on Auto Repairs in Chicago 05:37 81764 239 20 0 Alloy Rim Straightening- Wheel Repair This 2006 Mercedes E 350 , hit a pot hole and bent the front rim. It is an alloy rim so to straighten the wheel i took it to St.Marys Tire. There at St. Marys Tire they have a rim straightening machine . You need to put the rim on the wheel straightening machine and first check the rim to know where all the wheel is bent. Then the rim needs to be heated up to help bending the rim back in shape. After wheel is heated , there is a arm that you can put different shoes on to fit different rims to straighten. The wheel straightening process is like a big press to push the wheel back straight. To make the wheel straight you must not only make it round but also the side run out . It is amazing that Alloy wheels or rims can be safely straightened . wtbm123, car repair wheel straightening, rim straightening, wheel repair, alloy rim repair, Thank You St. Marys Tire , for letting me make this video.