Estoreify Vs. ShopifyEcommerce Solutions – Shop Local

Today we compare Estoreify Vs. Shopify. The comparison includes: setting up a new store, adding a product (with one image and one additional options), and viewing then viewing the live page and hitting checkout. At only 2 minutes, Estoreify takes a whopping win. We found that Shopify was a bit padded and difficult to "quickly jump to the next step". Estoreify's free plan puts you instantly into action, no need for a credit card up front. In the video you can see that I had to jump into the product, I could not figure out how to define an additional cost for the optional item. Shopify did have a bit of a page lag, Estoreify was very fast. To load the single product was under 10-20ms. Estoreify also takes the lead by providing a 100% white labeled page with zero branding or ads.