Amazon’s AMAZING Tool – The keyword Inspector, which will help you FIND Keywords (Reverse ASIN) – Shop Local

Download here - I hope you have your coffee ready and In this video we continue to talk about helpful tools that help you succeed with selling on Amazon. We have developed hundreds and hundreds of different things and tools in our Sells Like Hot Cakes members area, but there are still a lot of different other services that will help you succeed. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one tool, you should use them all and invest in your business. Ok, before we begin: Let's review what we'll learn today: How to use Keyword Inspector to get AMAZING SELLABLE Keywords and Start Making Profits! Who has these Keywords and How Exactly can you get them What is an ASIN Number and How YOU can use it to get IMPORTANT keywords What to do if there A LOT of competition in your niche: This is really crucial guys, make sure to pay attention! One of those tools that I personally use aside of my own tools is called “keyword inspector”. They have also a lot of different things there, but the main thing that they have is called reverse ASIN search, which helps you find the keywords of your competitors by searching by their ASIN number. Let’s see how it works. How to get from ZERO to $47,812 per month using a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE Amazon And Shopify system with ZERO Capital Or Investment + A team of Experts READY to Help you to SUCCEED! Your FULL PROOF Amazon and Shopify Crash Course Program to get from ZERO to $47,812 per month with no CAPITAL or INVESTMENT + A Community of Experts ready to Guide You along the way TURNKEY AMAZON + SHOPIFY SYSTEM: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Crash Course to get you from ZERO to $47,812 per month:...