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SO obvious! Shopify vs WooCommerce Shop Local & Buy American This Season! ► SUBSCRIBE and join the fun - Learn more: Shopify vs WooCommerce. Which one is better to start an online store? In this video I compare the two platforms based on my experience of using both to create two different upcoming tutorial videos - the working titles are "how to start an online store" - yea I need to work on my copy / I have to say, both are obviously adequate and both can get the job done if you're setting out to build a big store that can generate thousands of dollars a month. But one is clearly more headache free than the other. With anything, it's important to develop competence and an understanding of how things work. However, that does not mean you want to be mired in the details. This is why I like Shopify more than WooCommerce. I'm the sort to leverage a platform much more than I am to go the self managed route. Want to create an online course? Use Teachable or Clickfunnels if you have the budget. Want to start an online store, go with Shopify over WooCommerce for the same reasons. WooCommerce is the self managed route, that simply means you'll need to take care of everything yourself. Themes, hosting, design, SSL cert and if anything goes wrong you'll have multiple business to contact. Shopify is way easier and they take care of all the little details for you. Want to learn more? Checkout: - // PLAYLISTS WCP Tutorials - Cool Websites - Build YOU Online - - // FOLLOW I'm on the internets! Twitter: @edgeofdavid Instagram: @edgeofdavid - //MUSIC Joakim Karud: