Seller Help

Opening Your Free Ecommerce Storefront for Business

Visit your storefront’s dashboard ( and select Vendor Profile from the left column.

You will get out of your storefront what you put in. Remember to review each tab for settings relevant to your shop. Fill in fields completely under each tab. View your store as you save steps so you can see if your header image, avatar, links, description and settings both look good and make sense to your customers.

Tip: People are reading your store’s description on this site and in your Google search results. Write your description in a way that uses your keyword phrase for SEO reasons and written in a such a way as the reader in Google will want to click through. Make a compelling reason and call to action in your description.



The easiest way to manage your shipping is to include your average shipping cost to the price of your product. More shoppers that add your product to their carts will complete their payment and checkout, so you’ll sell more.

Custom Shipping Routines

You must configure shipping for your storefront. If you fail to complete your shipping configuration, orders will come through without any payment for shipping, but you will still be required to ship the product(s) ordered.

Shop Main Street Online allows storefronts to be configured for most types of scenarios. Experiment with the shipping options to find the combination that works best for your sales, customers and processes.

  • Default Shipping Price: amount added by default when the cart includes at least one product
  • Per Product Additional Price: amount added when the cart includes an additional product different from the one previously added
  • Per Qty Product Additional Price: additional amount for each product of the same type added to cart
  • Processing time: average time spent to process and ship the orders. It’s showed on product detail page (with shipping and refund policy)
  • Shipping and Refund Policy: information showed to user inside the product detail page


Get in the habit of always viewing your changes in your storefront so you always know what the buyer sees and if the information provided will help the buyer to decide to buy your products.



Shipping Zones and Methods

Shop Main Street Online is ONLY for America, so the Shipping From dropdown should always be set to United States.

Shipping Areas must be setup with at least one Zone and one Shipping Method. You may configure as many as needed throughout your store.

Your settings should have at least one Zone for US, but you may add Zones for states or zip codes for additional shipping or local pickup possibilities.

Per Product or Variation Shipping


Open the product page, click on the “Shipping Costs” tab and check the option “Enable Shipping Costs”.

Rule creation in simple product

As for general rules, you’ll be able to configure the rule using the above-mentioned parameters.

Product rules always take priority over general rules.


If you are working on a variable product, you can choose one of the following options:

  • create product rules that apply to all the product variations: click on the “Shipping Costs” tab and configure the rules.
    Rule for variable product
  • create rules for each single variation: select the variation, enable the option “Custom shipping costs” and create your custom shipping rules.
    Rule for single variation

Rules applied to a product variation always take priority over rules applied to variable products.

How to show a custom message on product pages


Custom message

 Shipping Costs on the Product Data Section and is shown on every product.

General message

The text of the general message can be overridden from any product page.

Set message for single product


Adding Product or Page Images

Our free e-commerce storefront allows unlimited product images and even variation specific images (colors, styles, etc).

You don’t have to be an expert to upload great product images. Upload your best looking images with your largest image file. Your storefront will optimize them and resize your images as needed for the best performance.

Your Free Storefront Features

  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Automatic Google Product Feed
  • Flat Rate, Free or Local Pickup Shipping Options
  • Track & Report Cost of Goods
  • Inventory Control at Product or Variation Level
  • Dynamic Images as Customers Select Color and Product Variations
  • Coupon Email System
  • Automatically Promote to Your Social Media
  • Advanced SEO Tools
  • Unlimited Product Keyword Tags
  • Advanced Refund Management
  • Reviews from Verified Customers Only
  • Review Management
  • Discount Shipping & Labels