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9 Thoughts to “Chevrolet Leader News Vol. 1 No. 3”

  1. Geeforcex

    Omg carry people in a trailer! And sitting your dog on the hood while driving! What were they thinking ??

    1. Muhammad Irsyad

      Geeforcex they still doing that, at least at the third world country. But not that “hood ornament” ?

    2. l337pwnage

      Crawl back into your safe space, Safety Sally.

  2. Random,Work,&Video Games

    Wow 25 percent grade

  3. Random,Work,&Video Games

    Wow 25 percent grade

  4. Muhammad Irsyad

    4:15 That man came to a noisy factory just to telling his friend how reliable his car is? Smh

  5. Bradley Greenwood

    That dog stunt was certainly very moronic.

  6. Nathaniel Brooking (Student)

    I love your videos they are very good my favorite kind of your videos are the commercials of classic cars

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