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15 Thoughts to “Defensive Driving Film – Shop Local

  1. manhoot

    Swell vid! Makes me want to fire up the Nash Ambassador, fill ‘er up with Texaco High Test, and cruise around.

  2. Buick Mackane

    The state of Florida must have the worst drivers in the USA!

  3. Beta K

    This video has cars from the late 60’s…at the beginning looks like a Bronco II from the early 80s yet it otherwise has the look, feel and sound quality from the voice of the guy to the music at the end that could place it somewhere in the 50’s

  4. elebeu

    After watching this boring video I wanted to ” set my speed at 110 mph and brake right into a bridge abutment “.

  5. Porschedude8

    Definitely early 70’s and looks like southern California…….

  6. themamagoatshow

    MCMLIXXI = 1971 thats the year this was made….

  7. Tom Devey

    After watching the first few situations, my defensive driving training assessment was that these drivers were all driving too close to the vehicle in front of them, meaning that they had insufficient time to (1) determine the need to brake; and (2) come to a safe stop.

    The drivers were so close behind the vehicles in front of them that it would be virtually impossible to have the necessary sightlines to determine whether it would be safe to go either to the right or the left.

  8. orange70383

    He almost took out that Challenger.

  9. madden8021

    Louisiana is number 1 for bad drivers while Florida is like number 6.

  10. Diego C.

    These are all awful drivers.

  11. Hot80s

    4:25 i responded quickly because i didnt want to kill that beautiful 70 Chally R/t

  12. Hot80s

    10:09 dude would have been killed right there

  13. MrClassiccarenthusia

    I wonder if this was part of some really early and primitive driving simulator.. Maybe at a dealership with a car with simulated gauges etc – where turning the wheel the wrong way would trigger a different reel to play on a projector screen in front of the car.. Maybe I am over thinking this – I have been playing too much Fallout 3.. And 4…

  14. Jason Wolffe

    Let’s do it at 90 mph