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Driven To Kill (1948) – Shop Local

Stresses the necessity for the average American driver to realize fully his responsibility when behind the wheel. Illustrates that violations of safe and sane driving rules produce fatal accidents.
Prelinger Archives Sound Masters, Inc.
Sponsor: American Transit Association

Driven To Kill (1948)  - Buy American

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7 Thoughts to “Driven To Kill (1948) – Shop Local

  1. MrCarGuy20

    If only half the drivers today even came close to understanding these points..

    1. Nicolas DeFranco

      Agree with you. It would be desirable to have the technology of today mixed with the common sense and less distracted drivers of yesterday.

  2. Bruce Bryant

    Following to close, excessive lane changing, and right down inconsiderate driving are the norm today.  It is impossible to get behind the wheel without these and other things happening.  Many roads are like race tracks.

  3. Davey Bernard

    Today’s know-it-all video game playing driver doesn’t need to utilize safe driving practices [you fuddy duddies].

  4. Nick Jervis

    Hi 1947 Dodge and the wreck another Dodge from 1941 or 1942



  5. OldsVistaCruiser

    NJSP uniforms have not changed one bit in 70 years. They are exactly the same today in 2018.

  6. Garrett Smith

    2:18 Can’t say that anymore