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Easy Does It (1940) – Shop Local

Measuring the effort involved in women’s work around the home.

Easy Does It (1940)  - Buy American

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10 Thoughts to “Easy Does It (1940) – Shop Local

  1. G55STEYR

    Hard work but look how beautiful they were, elegant slim lines. Now it’s like a miracle to see a thin lady.

  2. gene978

    I’ll say tahsingsj *asxve am

  3. Anishet

    Forgive me, I’m young. Did he just actually call women the ‘weaker sex’???

  4. azntranc3951

    Or call females ‘frail creatures’.

    My gosh things were so backwards back in the day…

  5. RanchWagon Forde

    Replace the typewriter with a computer and replace the tennis racquet with a wii-remote and you realise that… not much has really changed since 1940.

  6. Jason Carpp

    Whoever thought them weak should have their heads examined. There are things that, if given the opportunity, the training, and the willingness on women can be just as capable of doing some of the same things as men.the man’s and the woman’s part, to do the work, can do the job just as well.

  7. Jason Carpp

    I like the idea of moving the gear shift from the floor to the steering column. I would think it’d be easier to shift; and since it’s higher up on the steering column, it’s easier to reach than when it’s on the floor. Why car makers ever reverted back to the floor mounted gear shifter is beyond me.

  8. davidsquall351


  9. daniela sanchez

    Oh, the ambivalence… Is this praising women? Is this patronizing women? Who knows!

  10. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    When women were women and men were men.