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4 Thoughts to “Hold Everything! (1937) – Shop Local

  1. VinnyDaQ

    Ahh,yes….the over-enthusiastic narration,the stilted dialogue,the stiff,uncomfortable acting….gotta love these Jam Handy Production films!!

  2. rgion29247616

    75 years ago, nothing has changed except the style of the advertisements to fit the decade and the years. It appears from this that GM by its Chevrolet division put more into th advertising campaign than the quality of their cars. Cars may have lasted longer than today’s cars, due to simplicity of design and manufacture..

  3. rgion29247616

    Same old advertising campains. More planned in the advertising than the qualty of their products. Chevrolets were good cars, but only lasted 7 years in the 1950’s before needing to be traded in.on a New Chevrolet. Same old B.S.