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How to Avoid Accidents (1949) – Shop Local

This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives
Producer: Wilding Picture Productions
Sponsor: General Tire and Rubber Co.
Audio/Visual: sound, color

How to Avoid Accidents (1949)  - Buy American

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20 Thoughts to “How to Avoid Accidents (1949) – Shop Local

  1. Seroster

    I wonder why no tires on the market have this thread pattern… xD

    1. l337pwnage

      If the video is any indication, they won’t work well with ABS.  😉
      However, the action they use is similar to what siping does, and all regular car tires are siped nowadays.  Only specialty tires do not have sipes.

    2. MrAdvantage1

      Seroster probably because it was bullshit

  2. Jason Carpp

    Between safe driving habits and good tires, accidents can be avoided. Surviving an accident is good, but avoiding an accident is even better.

  3. orange70383

    I gotta get some super squeegee tires, because nobody likes skid-marks.

  4. john fred

    I love how bad the acting was back then, but a very good ad for general tires.

  5. John Texas

    I didn’t watch but a few minutes of this.  I thought it was a documentary on safety, but it’s really just an infomercial for General Tire.  I wasn’t born until 1955, but I would’ve avoided this brand.  What a shameless and tasteless commercial.

  6. billoddiea

    In the “wet test”…the car just sailed on!!

  7. MisterSchmengie

    Beautiful demo car. Anyone know what it is?

    1. OldsVistaCruiser

      MisterSchmengie – ’49 Lincoln.

  8. Ctusler09 NLN

    There is no such thing s an auto accident, they are collisions cause the person is purposly driving either to close or to fast for conditions. An accident is when you cannot make it to the bathroom in time. By calling an auto collision an accident it lets the offender off the hook. Lets call it what it is…

  9. docdon42

    Back then a 4 ply tire was a true 4 ply tire

  10. manhoot

    Why does it seem that every other tyre out there is an “ordinary” tyre while General has special tyres?

  11. Nexfero

    safety factor of 12.8 = 80% better protection

  12. Ernie Baudler

    Mike Wallace narrating.

  13. Jason Bostick

    How to avoid accidents. This is just a long winded advertisement. Avoid accidents but only by buying this product!

  14. Aaron Davis

    Wait these are all the mythical good drivers I hear about on Facebook comments…so they really weren’t that great because they had bad tires? Intersting…

  15. M11rf

    Wow! I can wait to buy some General Super Squeegees … Where can i buy some? (2018)