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How To Squeeze More Miles From Your Car (1976) – Shop Local

Reveals some of the tricks motorists can use to increase their car mileage. Includes driving, car maintenance, and car buying hints.

How To Squeeze More Miles From Your Car (1976)  - Buy American

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33 Thoughts to “How To Squeeze More Miles From Your Car (1976) – Shop Local

  1. VinnyDaQ

    I remember paying 5 dollars to fill the 20-gallon tank of my 1973 Olds Delta 88 Royale….Oh,for the Good Old Days ! BTW,I love the ’70’s-porn-movie soundtrack !

  2. VinnyDaQ

    I got my first driver’s license in January 1975…I believe gas was about 40 cents per gallon nationwide !

  3. elebeu

    6:15 I’d carpool too if Ihad three hot girls to ride with me.

  4. Ted Roberts

    good times in 1976 dad bought me a dodge colt 1600 carousel trim even though on the dodge lot I saw a 1971 440+6 dodge challenger I sad I want the challenger and it was less money dad said that car would only lead to trouble.

  5. Miller Medium

    Hot ’70’s girls!

  6. steve gila

    18 cents a gallon during gas wars in 1963 wow how many remember that lol

  7. earnest 1212

    I think I will take my chances warming the car– reason is the head is cracked and you get on the road and it get hot boom your stuck on the side of the road

  8. Eric Pogue

    Thanks Dad….lol.

  9. jfsssp

    Savings tip: own an embarrassing car.

  10. Aaron Kraemer

    Love the old Datsun’s displayed throughout the video.

  11. danwat1234

    13:15 Looks like the address might still be valid

  12. Nicolas DeFranco

    Those pieces of advice are as valid today as they were back in the 1970’s, aside from the obvious improvements in technology.

  13. Jason Carpp

    Never mind technology, how about careful driving? That’s one of the ways of making sure a car or truck can go farther on a tank of fuel.

  14. Jason Carpp

    I rarely use the A/C on my car unless the temperature rises above 85F degrees, and even then, I roll the windows down and then drive to get the excess heat out before I run the air conditioning.

  15. SilverMoss Automotive

    That is a sexy datsun at the end.

  16. Dan Gerous

    they gave the address at the end but no website?

  17. Nicolas DeFranco

    Perhaps they are become a real pain since it’s not easy to find a mechanic or a shop which is able to make a proper adjustment/repair or rebuild. So, if a driver wants to drive one of those 70’s vehicles, has to be mechanically inclined and be able to do the maintenance him/herself.

    1. Trans Am

      That’s true, although I remember most carbureted cars were more finicky to start and keep running in top shape even back in those days. Not to say I prefer modern fuel injection cars, just I fondly remember the quirks of carbs.

  18. Nicolas DeFranco

    If you read carefully, I wrote “As valid as they (…) aside from the obviuos improvements in technology”. I didn’t say today’s car are carbureted. I said if a driver still has one of those vehicle and wants it to run smoothly and properly, has to know how to do the mainenance. Other than that, not having a lead foot counts for the better part of fuel economy. Have a nice day.

  19. Nicolas DeFranco

    Thank you for your kind response. About the ease of servicing a carbureted car, you’re right. It’s easy to adjust a carbureted car provided you have the specs, because as you said, todays mechanics don’t know how to work on one of those. Have a nice day an enjoy your Cadillac, which by the way has a ride that newer vehicles don’t have anymore.

  20. wkat950

    First step; buy a Datsun (Nissan for you kiddie-poos)

    1. vitameat

      +wkat950 2nd step…….Ziebart or Tuff-Kote Dinol rustproofing!

  21. John Texas

    In ’76 I was in college and driving a ’74 VW Super Beetle, red/beige w/sunroof.  We could, and did, absolutely work on these cars ourselves.  This ugly little Datsun sedan was very reliable and quite comfortable, though awfully homely.

  22. bloodyfox

    great time -great cars.

  23. toga941

    This is a good video, but there are a few things that I do not understand why it is wrong. How and why is/was it illegal to coast in certain states and how does it destroy your transmission. I drive a 73 ford f100 and I coast all the time and it saves me fuel. The other thing is that letting your car idle for a little bit till it starts to warm up will save the motor as well as fuel when starting to drive. In the winter time I have to warm up my truck before going anywhere because if I started it up and drove it right away, I always end up pumping it a whole bunch of times just to even get the truck to move. Other than that, this video makes pretty good valid points.

    1. Trans Am

      They used to teach us not to coast with an automatic because supposedly the lubrication pumps on some trannies didn’t get enough power while the engine was idling but the driveline was turning full speed. Something like that. Anyway, I coast in neutral in a stick car and yes it does save gas. But I also recognize why they frowned on that in the old days, when vehicles had drum brakes and would fade in mountain driving. When I’m towing I never coast in neutral because the engine ends up being an integral part of the braking system and being able to maintain control on hills.

  24. Jon Tong

    definitely think every single driver should watch this video…

  25. Rick S

    Don’t you miss those cars that you could actually work on in your own driveway or garage? Gas for 62 cents a gallon would be awfully nice, too! I also got a chuckle at the very end when viewers were encouraged to “just write this address or contact your local Datsun dealer.” There was no Googling or downloading an app in 1976. 😉

    1. boofdfast

      Rick, I miss those days when most cars had distinctive style( like the ones in this film), when you could tell what was American, Japanese or European. Also, 90% of all the car were RWD. Now, the cars today, except 15%, are round, jellybean FWD, blobs of shit with NO style. I own 2 Datsuns… A 200SX XE and a 280ZX.

    2. Trans Am

      boofdfast, you nailed it. I thought it was just me thinking all cars nowdays look the same, and very boring design.

  26. Trans Am

    Good tips, even for today. Although I wouldn’t have necessarily recommend going 50 on the highway even in those days of 55 limit. Keep up with traffic for safety sake, if you can. Cars have so much horsepower nowdays, everybody wants to go 75+.  I usually try to go 70+ in a 70 zone, unless I’m towing.