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Inside Information (1941) – Shop Local

How the X-ray works and its use in police work, surgery, industrial engineering and automobile manufacturing.
Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation

Inside Information (1941)  - Buy American

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5 Thoughts to “Inside Information (1941) – Shop Local

  1. elebeu

    Too bad today’s xrays aren’t as harmless as they were back then. I mean they have no lead shields in the room and everyone is just standing there absorbing all of that radiation. Good times.

  2. VinnyDaQ

    That poor model…she probably has foot cancer now!!!

  3. senorkaboom

    X-rays are so wonderful, they can show junior’s candy now and kill him slowly over the next 50 years. Technology marches on!

  4. Sam Nardo

    No lead blankets used here!

  5. Андрей П

    ренген найдет все))