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It Floats – Chevrolet Full Floating Rear Axle (1936) – Shop Local

Prelinger Archives: Chevrolet Truck Department

It Floats - Chevrolet Full Floating Rear Axle (1936)  - Buy American

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561 Thoughts to “It Floats – Chevrolet Full Floating Rear Axle (1936) – Shop Local

  1. elebeu

    I love these old videos. Sometimes I wish I could have lived back then….sometimes.

  2. Tenmaru89

    Me too, I like how simple they explain things and how informative it actually is.

  3. moseyo tam

    Wow, I’m basically confused on how full floating, semi-floating, 3/4 floating works and Goggling doesnt seem to give me the easy explanation. There are some pictures and definitions yes… but this old school video is the winner. I wish there is a video how 3/4 floating works. But at least I know know how full vs semi floating works.

  4. Sidharth Parmar

    searching for superlike Button…

  5. Carlos Vreal

    wow I thought I was the only one who thought this!….

  6. Jason Carpp

    That makes for easier service and maintenance of the rear axle of a truck if you can just remove an axle shaft without having to remove the whole axle.

  7. TheTundrawolf

    Look at the thickness of those splines! On the axle shaft!

    1. PGTMR2

      +grngs1 Be careful, might go blind or get jazz hands or something.

  8. De19thKingJulion

    Back in the days when you would go to the cinema and watch these! Funny how a “heavier, huskier” axle is better than a lighter one back in the 1930s. Today car makers are trying to make everything lighter, and a new component heavier than a previous model is seen as a major design flaw!

    1. Blaine Bugaski

      I remember my Grandfather cutting his rather large corner lot with a plug in mower.  Took him two days at a slow pace.  Ugh.

      Takes about an hour and a half with a Toro personal pace 22″ mower if that gives you any perspective of the lot size.

    2. Eiserntors Phantom of the Opera

      I have approx.  half acre of grass. . It takes 30, minutes to cut with my zero turn.
      (that is timed from when I stand up to when I sit back down on the couch), (getting it out of the shed, mowing, cleaning it with my blower, and putting it back away, included)  ahhhhh….Life is good……

    3. DDS029

      Fords, and Dodges too. 3/4 ton and up. But what they don’t tell you is how much of a bitch it is to get the other half of the broken axle shaft out.

    4. Maritime Misfits

      Nate Jones You think thats quick, most driveshafts can be removed in 3 minutes with an impact. Just 4 bolts on the rear end and pull out from the transmission.

    5. ike fun

      +DDS029 it’s actually really easy to get the broken out course you don’t see broken axles anymore

  9. Tony Rodriguez

    Rest in peace everyone on this video

    1. Alberto Rodriguez

      ksnap snap and at your comment too hahaha

    2. jed-henry Witkowski

      This was for Chevrolet, so no one was Found On Road Dead!

    3. Maxumized

      Tony Rodriguez you had to be that guy

    4. eksine

      Rest in peace you in 5 minutes I’m coming to your house

    5. Tomas Gaming

      My grandma is older than this video.

  10. Buick Mackane

    Very interesting, I learned something today.

  11. Redoubt South

    We learned as we went along, no doubt.

    Thanks for sharing this history 🙂

  12. Patriot_USMC

    Very nice explanation, great vid (film)! 😉

  13. pradeep karna

    can any1  explain easily the diff between clearance and tolerance

    1. charlietow

      Depends on what you’re talking about. But when speaking of machining processes, clearance is the distance pieces/parts clear each other without binding up, causing damge. Example, the clearance(backlash) of a ring and pinion gear set is .005-.008″. Tolerance is the allowable limit that a piece can deviate from specifications. Example, the pinion shaft diameter should be 1.75″ +/- .0005″.

  14. Kaushal Jhala

    Thnxx a lot . Really this video is made me very clear.

  15. Machine Gun Nest

    early 60’s chevy stole the jaguar car rearend

  16. GSXRNissan

    Ideal ist das man die Antriebswelle von außen wechseln kann.

    1. djpalme

      +GSXRNissan Toyota Landcruiser – Troop Carrier.

  17. tosgem

    Back in the days before marketing people discovered the general population cares more about music, boobs, and smooth voice-overs than facts

    1. Martin D A

      +tosgem Funny animals come before smooth voice overs.

    2. Indrid Cold

      Martin D A Do not forget clowns. Funny clowns came before cartoon animals. Oh, and gorilla suits, lots and lots of gorilla suits were employed..

    3. Desmond's Corner

      only one of those are actually bad
      and i imagine clowns are like teachers and cashiers, you become a clown because you love kids and like to entertain, and then the job slowly makes you hate both

    4. Abu Antar

      To appeal to a wider market, you have to likewise appeal to lesser minds with shorter attention spans.

  18. Ivan Sapozhnikov

    Wow. I’ve never thought about how does a roller bearing work.

  19. sooperknob

    I was looking for a full floating vaporous apparition, and ended up here.

    1. Blaine Bugaski

      +sooperknob Ghostly!

  20. Carmel Pule'

    At 1.30, I would have preferred if the two ends  tubes  were spun before pushing them in,  what is shown is a friction weld but I would preferred if the joint was red hot due to spinning. 
    If one needs a self aligning bearing, then there is some inaccuracy in the manufacturing and at 2.36 the half shaft could be subjected to bending and metal fatigue,
    I think the distortion of the  barrelled rollers with the load is a little exaggerated as if that was the case, I just wonder how the metal fatigue  on those rollers would affect the life of a roller, especially if they are surface hardened.  I suppose they will distort a little, but not much as shown. Still they went into great details in their advertising their products. 
    To think that only a little circular clip is all there is to stop the wheel from moving out of its place is a little frightening, It must be a good Cir   clip.

    1. TheMeisterize

      +Carmel Pule’ read: 1936. As in 80 years ago.

    2. Nebula7

      +Carmel Pule’ “I think the distortion of the  barrelled rollers with the load is a little exaggerated as if that was the case”

      If you paid attention, you would have heard during the end of the animation that he said “This drawing has been greatly exaggerated.”

    3. Home Theater Junky

      The bearings have to self align as the axle tubes flex a lot under load. Half ton axles and bearings fail a lot under hard use because they use a fixed single bearing that can not tolerate tube flex. These full floating axles are close to a perfect design if clean oil and grease (outer bearings) is kept in them they are almost indestructible and the exact same topology is used today in 3/4 ton+ HD trucks all the way up to super massive Belaz 75710 450m ton dump truck. Some railroad equipment also uses the dual Timken self alignment bearing technology. If you called Timken they would give you all the specs of this bearing, I’m sure it’s life span with proper maintenance is longer than dirt is old.

  21. Joe Dirt

    Fuck yeah. Sweet video

  22. a DIY Car Guy

    I’d be pissed if I bought a truck in ’35 and then all of a sudden in ’36 they made it a lot better.

    1. ProbablyInsane

      +Bo Huggabee before the 1911 the 1903 was like the only really successful 1911 predecessor and the 1903 is like a different gun entirely but still really cool and desirable.

    2. ? ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂?

      I’d be more pissed if they never made any improvements to their vehicles since 1935

    3. Adrian S.S.L

      thats what happen to our pc and graphics card now.

    4. James Ray

      +Andrew Peterson Not many could afford a new truck during the dirty 30’s, that was the great depression.

    5. eksine

      You’ve mastered time travel?

  23. JO Grobler

    Almost sounds like George W Bush is teaching me about floating rear axles.

    1. Ben Wolfram

      I was thinking it sounded like Gerald Ford! 🙂

    2. Ian Harper

      +Ben Wolfram i bet it was

    3. Joe Vignolo

      George W. Bush couldn’t figure out how a floating axle works, let alone teach someone else.

    4. Mike Campbell

      Yet he graduated from Yale and became President…

  24. TheSRBgamer63

    4:47 everything so shiny and new :D.

    1. Son of a Zombie

      The chrome has so much bling it makes the grainy black and white film look like it is in color

    2. mattjza71

      TheSRBgamer63 and pretty impressive machining considering everything was done on paper and pencil.

    3. EpiDemic117

      yeah that’s an incredibly beautiful display. I’ve never seen chrome plated gears. It looks so damn neat especially with the machining.

    4. chuck fischer

      Back in ’36 they didn’t have the means to jump forward to 1964 and film a beat-up greasy one.

    5. Fox

      It’s chromed so it doesn’t rust. The ones actually in use don’t look like that

  25. Chuck Kissel

    Just amazing that the axles today are nearly the same.

    1. DDS029

      MrManniG I think if look and listen closer THEY NEVER SAID A CAR. But that being said, practically all front wheel drive cars you can remove the axle shafts without removing the wheel and tire.

    2. cdthomas

      MrManniG a brand new truck on any lot that’s a 2500 or more will have a full float rear end

    3. ike fun

      +DDS029 name one front wheel drive car that you can remove the axle shafts without taking the tire off you got to access the nut somehow you retard not to mention you’ve got to get to your ball joints to take them loose just moving everything out of the way

    4. Devin Williams

      you can get an axle nut through a center cap hole ike

    5. ike fun

      +Devin Williams (;ll) what the fuck does that have to do with anything retard

  26. FLSTF87

    Can anyone identify which model of Chevrolet rear axle this is?

    1. FLSTF87

      +al hart But that would be Dana then. Not Chevrolet built.

    2. al hart

      well enter the real world of business many companies are derived from others, this case the auto industry.

    3. FLSTF87

      Maybe so for some axles. But the legendary Corporate 14-bolt is Chevy built and that’s it.. Nothing to do with Dana or their 60.

    4. Longbox55

      +FLSTF87 I haven’t been able to come with a model number for it, but most likely it was built by Detroit Gear & Axle, which was a major supplier to GM well into the late ’60s and early ’70s for Truck axles.  The design itself is 100% GM, though.

    1. Lucas Amoriim

      +SVAFnemesis dat accent

  27. ComandanteJ

    To get as much info in a video produced today, you’d need it to be one hour long.

    1. roscoefoofoo

      John Martin: Psychosis, much? What have Jews got to do with dominating TV, how much info is in a 5 min. film on axle design, etc.? Get the bugs out of your brain and the worm out of your heart.

    2. Mickey Bitsko

      And you’d have to work in global warming somehow.

    3. jed-henry Witkowski

      And the bulk of it would be simply marketing to just about anyone, rather than a target group.

      I worked in marketing, so I am not knocking it, I’m just saying.

  28. Troy Slyker

    I want a ’36 Chevy!

  29. Jorge Macias

    Use a hand like a hammer, bad very bad. 1:20

    1. TheFishCostume

      +Jorge Macias All they did was push the piece into place… A hammer would have been a terrible choice of tool.

    2. Jorge Macias

      +Militaryman4455 Maybe you don’t know that the repetitive hand hitting (like the production line worker) can produce carpal tunnel syndrome. This operation can be made using a rubber hammer.

    3. Militaryman4455

      +Jorge Macias Are you done with your crying or is there more?

    4. Nornev

      +Jorge Macias you work for OSHA don’t you?

    5. Martin D A

      +Jorge Macias Are you mad? A gentle nudge to drop the axle housing in place – no hammer, neither rubber or of any material required. The ideal tool? Palm of hand.

  30. Jason Rose

    Wonder if I could get one of those on the back of my Silverado? Hmm…

    1. Masterman5010

      if ya can craft one yea

    2. Home Theater Junky

      My Silverado has a corporate 14 bolt full floater very similar to this axle, some Chevrolet”s also use Dana 60’s that are very close. Some of the new HD trucks use Dana 70/80’s that are even larger.

    3. ROTAXD

      quicksilverva if she’s a 3/4 ton or heavier she’s already got that setup.

  31. ramairgto72

    No video of the guy fishing out chunks of axle shaft..

    1. harrygatto

      And the broken piece of the shaft? Just leave it in there?

    2. Norman Hammond

      Fish around references getting the piece out… Can you read?

    3. harrygatto

      I am referring to the video, not your witterings.

    4. sicsempertyrannis23

      Long, magnetized rod will remove everything.

    5. Ellie Price

      The axle was broken so the viewer should assume the broken pieces were removed before the new axle was installed. A video of this complete procedure was probably produced for Chevrolet mechanic’s training.

  32. Filipe Mendonça

    i want modern car comercials to be just like this

    1. Madd Dogg

      A little cool history – these demonstration “short reels” were often played in movie theaters (this was all before television) and people were used to the variety entertainment format that Vaudeville offered. In the 1920s through 1940s, audiences expected about 3 to 5 short reels including short comedies like The Three Stooges, Joe Stokes (Behind The Eight Ball) and others, and one or two animated cartoons before the feature movie. (This is why many theaters today still play a short intro clip saying: “Feature Presentation.” And also where we get the term “Trailer,” since previews were all shown after the feature presentation.)

    2. Vitamin B

      Today people are too stupid and wound appreciate it.

    3. John Ross

      +xaenon they are not as smart. They are retarded

    4. Maching Gun Chuy

      Na if they made them like this then everyone will stop buying cars lol

    5. anoname

      5 min commercials? no ty

  33. Bige4u

    I dont know about you guys, but the chevrolet rear end looked alot like the ford 9” rear end…. did chevrolet come out with that design first, then ford started using too?

    1. Longbox55

      +Bige4u I would have to check to see who actually used that design first, but to answer the question, yes, Chevrolet was using the drop out 3rd member style differential long before Ford was. They were using it in 1925, Ford didn’t start using that style until 1957, which is when the 9″ came out.

  34. Martin D A

    Wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you.

  35. Martin D A

    All this talk of rear ends! I am going to surf for front bottoms.

  36. John-Del

    4:50 A) the guy carries extra axles along with his lunch pail? and B) if the axle breaks, how do you get the rest of the axle out of the housing without pulling the access cover?

    1. R. J Patt

      +ohger1 The teeth on the shaft usually strip but if it does happen to snap you may have to remove the access cover.

    2. ike fun

      John-Del magical invention called a magnet retard it came out the very next day

  37. ThisIsNot AnAlias

    this guy talks really slowly

    1. Elrarion

      I think its so that people won’t get confused.

    2. Nathan Zachary

      ThisIsNot AnAlias it’s amazing i have add and fae it makes it so easy and simple to keep up and follow

  38. dhy5342

    It”s not so easy getting the broken axle stub out.

    1. ike fun

      dhy5342 what’s so hard about it retard get a magnet and pull it out

    2. Homecomfort

      ike fun: because, nitwit, when they break, the shaft gets twisted from the torque, and can jam inside the axle tube. usually have to remove other axle and beat it out with a long bar. A magnet will not work, stick to your toy cars.

    3. ike fun

      Homecomfort not when this video was made retard what the f*** are you 12 years old or something you retarded piece of s***when this video was made they didn’t have chromoly shafts and all the fancy s*** they have nowadays it didn’t twist it was just a clean snap you stupid f*** pull it out grab the rest of it with a magnet and go down the road!!!! And even nowadays it’s very rarely that the get mangled unless you’re doing something incredibly stupid!!!

    4. Shaun Kijak

      ike fun your one mean and ugly summbitch

    5. ike fun

      Shaun Kijak I’ll take that over being a retarded little b**** like you

  39. steelmesh

    God damn, take my money

    1. JBat5202

      that’ll be 2,000 dollars for a heavy duty truck with the new and improved axle

    2. Desmond's Corner

      you forgot to account for inflation

    3. The California Garage

      JBat5202 try 1200

    4. Hahodi d

      2,000 in today’s money is about 36 grand

    5. eksine

      With appreciation that comes to $50000, cash or card?

  40. Artisto Nope

    0_0 Removal of the shaft WITHOUT HAVING TO- JEEZ
    I wonder why this design was ditched- IMO modern tech could improve on the simple designs of the past

    1. Will G.

      It’s called GREED! Corporate greed! And rackeetering!

    2. Will G.

      Like how everything has to be some kind of law to also generate money.

    3. forever spinnin18

      Artisto Nope semi trucks still have that concept, it’s scary though because a theif could take the tires, differential and axles from the truck on the spot!! It’s so simple with just a push of a hub with a sledgehammer! Gotta put heavy hubcaps on!

    4. Mike Dale

      They didn’t ditch it. Pretty much every heavy duty truck (semis, buses, etc..) use full floating axles. 3/4 and 1-ton pickups use them as well.

    5. carguy 76ia

      SMiller5488 He could have a heavy half. I’ve had a couple. 14 bolt, full floater rear. But, the majority is definitely 10 bolt with c-clips.

  41. Fab?

    Chevy with the W since ’36

    1. ascotchegg

      #CitationNeeded Squad

  42. nomadben

    I think it’s pretty amazing that this exact, identical rear axle design is still used on heavy-duty trucks, 80 years later.

    1. Jamin Mills

      I was just noticing our 1971 grain truck had pretty much the same axle as shown in that video.

    2. forever spinnin18

      Ben until flying cars and iPhones are in control of everything. Things are changing quicker than a loaf of bread finishes baking in today’s world!

    3. W00DCHUCK

      Luca Fuoco “when will we finally” it’s when we will finally.

    4. jed-henry Witkowski

      Ah, the claymore mine has it beat! Over a thousand years it has caused mass casualties among enemy troops and the only thing to change was material of its construction.

    5. carguy 76ia

      Cato Rodi Well, no. You need to get into 3/4 and 1 ton trucks (all the way up to semis) to get a full floater axle. The center section (third member) works similarly, but the ends of the housing, hubs, axle retention, etc. is completely different from what you’ll see on the typical Escalade.

  43. MeatHook

    Well hell looks like you’re a piece of shit Mr. 35′ Chevy.  Pathetic piece of crap.  I’m going to get drunk now and slap you while I wish you were a 36′!

  44. Nop ื์Nawakit

    how can i buy some? Lol

  45. evan leo

    great video!this is true ingenuity!

  46. Chad Jones

    they made everything so much simpler back then , and better . WOW that is super easy to change an axle ! wish I coulda lived back then

    1. ROTAXD

      Chad Jones you can still do that with most (all?) 3/4 ton & up pickups.

    2. Nobody Nonperson

      I think you did.

  47. Gr1pEnemy

    I’m willing to bet, it would sink…

  48. Joey Diaz

    This is sweet my axles on my 73 3/4 ton can be pulled awesome video

  49. Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus

    I’ve never heard of those squish-o-matic bearings, probably not a good design so it didn’t last long.

    1. Mellow Guy

      aahaha . . . tapered roller bearings are still in common use today on full floater axles.

    2. Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus

      Tapered roller bearings that taper on _both_ sides?

    3. Jeff Mullinix

      Those Sqiush-o-matic bearings are the same bearings Chevy used in there new Shift-o-matic transmission .

  50. David Devan

    good explanation ,easy to understand and straight to the point, THANK YOU for the upload 🙂

  51. Chad Yelland

    I love these old videos

  52. Jeff Mullinix

    Remind you all Chevy did not invent the Taper roller Bearings nore was they the first to use them in automobiles . Timken bearing is the first I know of who first made them here in the USA back in the 20’s And they was not the first too have tapered bearing . Lathe’s and milling machines have them back in the 1800 . Horse and buggies had taper bushings that goes back into Roman times . So this is the not the beginning of propaganda from Companies and our government . Know the truth and know what is the truth . We been lied to for a long time . The first commercialization goes way back before Christ in China and working of steel in the industrial scale goes back into the bronze age in China . They were the first to mass produce iron and making of steal with use of carbon in about 300 AD . Old remnants that still in existence in China to date .

    1. Shawn Bottom

      Jeff Mullinix The point of the video section about bearings was to demonstrate the use of spherical rollers, not straight tapered roller bearings. Their advantages are clearly shown. Chevy may have been the first American truck company to employ them but I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. The video was made by Chevy to show the improvements made over their previous product. They weren’t claiming to be the first in anything, and especially not being the first to use “Timken” bearings which those aren’t in the common sense of the word.

    2. Nobody Nonperson

      Oops – thay ain’t tapered rollers. They are barrelled.

    3. carguy 76ia

      Timken has supplied bearings to GM in the past, so what’s your damn point?

  53. Justin Berryman

    not this exact but yes close enough Chevy don’t use a solid member housing is used by Chevy Ford however does still

  54. blacknester

    Wait, aren’t most cars FWD?

    1. jessejames!

      most cars today are front wheel drive, while most trucks are rear wheel drive. Advantage of having front wheel drive is your torque doesn’t go down as much compared to rear wheel drive.

    2. Rights And Liberty

      blacknester no most are rwd, today and since the 1980s Japan and some euro cars were mostly fwd. Australia sadly stopped manufacturing a few months ago but they only made rwd. Fwd are shithouses and mostly spin only one wheel.

    3. Goobers

      SD70ace_railfan why sadly?

    4. YamahaYFS200

      FWD sucks, it’s a way for auto manufactures to make a cheaper more compact vehicle at the expense of handling and fun.
      As you accelerate weight shifts from the front of your vehicle towards the back, so if you have fwd your drive tires get less traction as you accelerate harder due to them lifting up basically. Theres more pro’s and cons for fwd vs rwd but that’s just some basic comparisons.

    5. 67 Scout 800

      We put cookie sheets under my friends rear wheel tires of his fwd Saturn. He could do donuts like nothing else.

  55. Jeb Watson

    Damn, never thought I’d say it, but this makes me want a chevy.

  56. LvcBrd

    Good old days when HEAVIER was a merit

    1. Drew Thompson

      +carguy 76ia : AH! A stink potter! No wonder we don’t get along! The usual size cooler will hold a 6 pack, quite a bit of ice, and a modest lunch for a total of 3 on the boat. So really not a bad rule. Boats have been disqualified during the random spot checks of fleet. Spare water is usually room temperature. “Push my boat”. Do you know we use vacuum to pull the boat into the wind? (well, generated low pressure). Some people are surprised at that. A sailboat is more work, but i need the exercise. I tell people that racing is like playing chess on a moving chess board, with the changing winds and the other boats to continually plan around. BTW: all my sailboats have been capable of planning. This past fall, my GPS indicated a top speed of 24.8 Knots. I was too busy to look at the knotmeter, but I’m still surprised by that. The GPS isn’t usually wrong, and I know we were going fast, but not as fast as your ‘vette.

    2. carguy 76ia

      Drew Thompson I am definitely not knocking sailing. I love the idea of it, but I haven’t found the right boat for the right money, and I think I need to reduce my number of hobbies. It’s all good. I don’t get along well with power boats, when I’m in my kayak. haha

    3. carguy 76ia

      Drew Thompson I did not know that you use a vacuum to move the boat, but some aviation principles help me to understand it. Thanks for the clarification.

    4. Drew Thompson

      +carguy 76ia : I’m not knocking power boats, but we do have to keep up appearances… Sails are like vertical wings, same principles. Old sail loose their shape, become porous, then you don’t sail well. The keel and rudder are symmetrical foils also. Due to good boat prep, I can sail as close as 30 degrees off of straight into the wind. Not many boats can do that. It cuts a lot of distance and time off the race course, as most boats sail about 45 degrees off the wind. But you might notice I do prep the boat. Good luck on your hobbies. (except the power boat, of course) If you’re interested in sailing, try going to a local yacht club and see if anybody needs a crew. There is usually a bulletin board to put your info up. Only cost is beer, and you can see if you like sailing.

    5. carguy 76ia

      Drew Thompson I actually have a friend that has been sailing for about 20 years. Maybe some day I’ll give it a shot. Sounds like a good retirement hobby for me.

  57. Bo Huggabee

    this was america. quality, strength, certainty, reliability, promise, convenience.

    1. Dick Fageroni

      jews and communists ruined everything.

    2. TripTheRoad

      Ok, so how many 1936 trucks are still on the road?
      Stuff is still quality made here, it’s just way more complicated

    3. MuscleNuke

      Dick Fageroni mostly the commies.

    4. eksine

      Those cars didn’t last 200 k

  58. bud morse

    Thanks for the post keep up the good work.

  59. Yavuz Turan

    today, they only give us fancy acronyms for the same tech that everybody has.

  60. MrCadfish

    How the hell did they make these videos and graphics back then??

    1. robuk1981

      MrCadfish the graphics are hand drawn on cells

  61. justin wood

    They don’t build them like they used to. you want to change the axel on a modern-day vehicle you first have to remove the wheel ,the brake caliper and the rotor.

    1. ROTAXD

      justin wood not on a 3/4 ton or heavier.

    2. ike fun

      justin wood you’re a goddamn retard there still the same way you can pull the f****** axle shafts right out without doing anything goddamn idiot

  62. TheFassold

    can you imagine what it would be like if commercials today where educational like this one instead of attacking other companies, if chevy or ford educated us on the tech of their vehicles, they would sell more cars lol

    1. Zoidsfan77

      This would not be very successful in today’s world. Look at the people around you.

    2. a c

      Yeah. every now and then companies do a commercial that gets into details. I remember when GM advertised their rear steering on there silverado/sierra pickups. No one bought it. Those commercials don’t do well. You need a tuff looking cowboy throwing rooster tails in the mud for a truck, a bunch of women laughing and dancing if its an economy car, or some Matthew Mcconaughey looking tool bag talking snobby to sell a luxury car. (no one is buying a Lincoln, Matt)

  63. Sudden Kancho

    I don’t know why, but alluvasudden I wanna bomb Germany.

    1. D4RKHOUND

      God you are immature…

    2. Terence Rucker

      Funniest (and truest) reply all day!!

  64. TheEnragedGamer

    wow I’m watching a ton of these video I like them

  65. LDSRaichuguy

    But it will be decades before independent rear suspension

    1. ROTAXD

      LDSRaichuguy you can keep your irs.

    2. a c

      IRS/IFS is pretty nice but almost impossible to make as strong at the same weight as a straight axle.

  66. TheCoolStuffHD

    They put way more effort into vehicle info videos back in the 30’s than they do now. What a shame. We even have all the technology to make videos just like this.

  67. Oxenan17

    I love the way these things are presented

  68. jamesgjt

    most of the people in this video as well as the speaker are dead….

  69. Stanislav Anikanov

    Goddamit! Good old times, when cars only were becoming better!

    1. MJorgy5

      Stanislav Anikanov
      Yep, like syncing carburetors routinely due to seasonal changes or elevation, replacing spark plugs annually, cleaning carbon-coated valvetrains, oil every couple thousand miles, choking manually, tuning up point ignitions, etc., etc. ‘Ahem’ Old days.

    2. ROTAXD

      MJorgy5 once you had a decent tune, your carb seldom had to be touched. If it did need adjustment…literally any owner could do it properly within a couple of minutes. Plugs & wires…you could do both on a v8 in 1/2 an hour. Manual choke ? So what…it’s not like it was any harder to pull the choke out to start your ride. The problems started to arise as folks got lazy and mfr’s introduced the thermal “automatic” chokes.
      Those of you who bitch about simple stuff today are just spoiled and would never have made it in days’ past.

  70. 1tokeover

    It’s too bad that Chevy trucks are now Mexican stereotypes.

    1. ike fun

      Too bad you’re a complete retard

  71. Dane Pittman

    So if the axle were to snap in two how would you get the other half out.

    1. ROTAXD

      Dane Pittman magnet on a piece of broomstick ?

  72. Tim Ramich

    I don’t understand the “floating” name thing.

  73. Cbmech

    A full floating axle would be splined into the outer cap, this is actually just a semi-floating axle. I’ve only seen a full floating axle once on a Mack truck axle

    1. ike fun

      Cbmech you are a goddamn retard

    2. Robert Grosser

      Cbmech. I am glad that I was not the only one who noticed that.

    3. ike fun

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    4. Robert Grosser

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  74. Yamaha 26003

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  75. James Holbrook

    but was it any good

  76. Indrid Cold

    Then came front wheel drive where strength, durability, and longevity suddenly disappeared and was marketed as a positive. Turning radius went down, horrible torque steer became problematic, and tyre life was cut in half.

    I am not complaining. Front wheel drive junk is my living. It is 80% of what I repair. But I will never own one, nor recommend one.

    Front wheel drive: The mechanic’s livelihood since 1980.

    1. Useful Entertainment

      Indrid Cold tell me about it. it’s junk. want to win an argument, just say why do the police avoid fwd like the plague. ok point two, let’s say you load your mini van with your ugly kids & your groceries in the back, climb a hill and you tell me where your weight shifts to. brake your tires loose going through a turn in the snow and it’s all over. the transmissions don’t last, cv axles are a joke. funny story, like 3 years ago I got stuck in a snow storm with an 86 camaro with bald tires and air shocks and it was funny going around cars stuck with their 4ways on spinning their little tires trying to climb a hill. it is also smarter & safer to anchor the vehicle to the road by the rear tires, on deceleration the car has a drag on the rear almost like a parachute on a race car, I mean if you were rolling a refrigerator on a hand cart down hill would you rather be in front of it under the weight or behind it. I will say I hate fwd but I’d take a 66-69 toronado. glad to see somebody doesn’t buy into the auto makers bull shit. it’s not rocket science, it’s basic physics.

    2. ROTAXD

      Indrid Cold the old Toronados (& eldorados & rivierias) were the only front drive setups that had any real potential…they used that th425 which was basicly a reconfigured turbo 350.

    3. Indrid Cold

      ROTAXD I have always wanted a Rivera. They were really ahead of the times.

    4. Devin Williams

      this axle is still what they use..this isn’t for regular truck

  77. joseph-mario pelerin

    how bout the front axle huh?

    1. a c

      They are mildly similiar. You just have to include CV or U-joins plus knuckles for turning.

  78. Sketchy

    “It Floats” sounds like a terrible modern horror movie.

  79. absolutepressur

    Oh wow, there’s no spline to the hub, only that bolted joint transmits the torque. I didn’t expect that.

  80. Desmond's Corner

    i was expecting an amphibious car axle, this is better though
    also, i’ve replaced difficult enough axles to wonder why this isn’t in normal cars

  81. Kevin spacey

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  82. Motrhead0901

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  83. MrVinnyme

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  84. smithraymond09029

    1:32 engineers designed this for easy access from the outside, I.e. maintenance. Did you hear that BMW and Mercedes?

  85. Ronald de Rooij

    I suspected it for a long time but after seeing this, I think progress is a myth.

    1. Technus

      depends on what we want to progress

    2. greg baird

      It is. It’s just bs made up by people who want credit for nothing.

    3. Arthur Vieira

      You know.. When engineers thoroughly develop a solution, that solution is always valid, until some new tech changes the fundamental parameters of the problem. Modern advances changed more on things like electronics, while hardcore mechanics didn’t change much, aside from new alloy/smelting/tempering and a few other details. I guess the most disruptive tech in that field are composite materials, but until we start seeing rear shafts, gears and what not made out of those, not much will change :D.

    4. Y. Z.

      So go back to a horse-drawn carriage, and see whether that fits you. Wait, horse carriage was an impressive technology in the antiquity. You should lug everything by feet. Better still, walk on four feet.

  86. Abhishek Nakhwa

    This is hilarious!

  87. Gyras

    Wait. How the fuck did that guy get the broken axle piece out of the tube? He would have had to use something, they just skiped it XD

    1. brotherincognito1

      ancient mechanis’s secret….. The ol’ magnet on a stick technique.

  88. Toms Tech

    More time was spent back then making informative videos than they spend today making the vehicle.

  89. Aleksandr Vasilenko

    Talks really slow but says so much. Effecient.

    1. ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

      I wonder if the film was played back a but slower than its intended speed

    2. Ian Keirstead

      Watch it at 1.25 speed.

    3. Y. Z.

      Watch in 2* speed, less than 3 minutes.

    4. eksine

      People drank water through lead pipes back then. Made them dumber

  90. Aerial Sphere, LLC

    This was not produced in ’36. It’s a modern production made to look and feel like one from that era.

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  92. MrStephenRGilman

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  93. Expanding Truth

    They dont build them like they used to

    1. a c

      … This axle design is still in use. brand new 2017 heavy duty model trucks use this variant.
      Smaller cars are usually FWD so they don’t need it and light duty trucks almost never break axles so there is no need.

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    1. Arthur Vieira

      I believe that one of the comparable advances from that time to modern technology is probably in the alloys used. Nowadays they’re much stronger. Besides that, the engineering and tech is probably all still the same. But I must admit, back in that day they were building it for extreme longevity, while today there is “product life cycle” shenanigans…

    2. HAMMER 6IX

      +G Henrickson _Sometimes_ expletives are useful.

    3. Devin Williams

      its a big truck. its not for a 1/2″ ton

    4. Devin Williams

      arthur they had to go for longevity because they had no choice. it wasn’t going to last no matter what they did, so better than the competition was how to set themselves apart.

    5. MuscleNuke

      Idk it’s not independent and it doesn’t appear to be forged. I could be wrong.

  99. NIK4014

    back when everything was built to last and not to be cheap as possible

    1. Casa Xtreme

      People nowadays want stuff as cheap as possible, that’s why they build them like that. It’s the customers who decide what is to be produced 😉

  100. Ben Cook

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  101. Shawn

    That’s pretty cool that you can replace the shaft without removing the tire or the load.

  102. Snarky . Live

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    1. Maching Gun Chuy

      Snarky yeah but do you know what’s coming out next year if you buy a car?

    2. V8 Power

      god darn it I spend 200 dollars on this car, chevy dealer ripped me off he said 36 will be the same.

    3. Tomas Gaming

      It’s like people don’t know and buy iPhone a month or so before new ones come out.

  103. Tony two toes

    if it was a ford and you needed to replace the axle with a full load you would have had to remove the hood the driver side window 3 of the 8 spark plugs the head lights and sucked four guys dicks and only after all of that you would find out the process needed to be repeated because the head lights needed to come off first and a fifth dick needed sucking …………………………….

  104. BleuWaterStones

    good video. no crappy music too

  105. TheHuskyGT

    When cars, and pretty much everything was built steel-solid… Now we live in a plastic world, were everything is disposable within months or just a couple of years at most.

    1. pretty fly for a wifi

      LilOleTinyMe their are plenty of videos on youtube that compair today and yesterdays cars. For instance I saw one that did a crash comparison of a 55 chevy bel air front driver side impact at 40mph..vs a 2015 Ford fusion at 40mph. …the person in the belair had a broken jaw and their foot was pinned/crushed and broken leg/knee and broken collar bone…and the new car the person had seat belt bruising. Thats it lol…old cars held up better in 5mph crashes because it didnt show damage…past the 20mph mark and you are fucked in a old car!

    2. Tb0n3

      John Long Do you live in a salt mine or something? That’s ridiculous. I had an 09 Cobalt, cheap as can be, and just traded in for a new Accord last summer. Nothing wrong with the thing after 7 Northeast winters.

    3. Clayton Hett

      the ford 302, 351, and powerstroke 7.3’s were

    4. eltsen nestle

      John Long….oh c`mon.

    5. Drew Thompson

      Years ago I rebuilt a 1963 chev engine. The rebuild wasn’t caused by the plastic timing gears, they were in good shape. Plastic has it’s uses, just like metal has.

  106. Zak Dwyer

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  107. Jackson Peruski

    this was 1936. 81 years ago. everybody in the film is dead now.

    1. GrillsBear Adventures

      Jackson Technologies false

    2. Nathan Gappinger

      For those who would say no, the people in this video were all at least 20 when this video was made. Plus 81 years, that’s over 100. Most of these people are in fact dead.

    3. fadingbeleifs

      Jackson Technologies don’t be so sure…

  108. The California Garage

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  109. ChaotiX

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  110. iblockpuncheswithmyface

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    1. Jochen Stacker

      And odometers where built with 5 figures…

    2. eksine

      You have no idea what you’re talking about or anything about cars, you just saw a black and white video and suddenly you are proud to be American

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  114. ByteMe

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  115. aebll

    keeps mud out pretty good, too! although if the bearings go the axle will run out the tube, which makes for a weird experience! as you can see in my picture, i am sitting in the bed of my 3/4 ton 1973 Chevy Cheyenne, which i bought in 2007 extremely used for $1200, and have done nothing to it except brakes, the afore-mentioned bearings, and a new battery cable.

  116. Mike Rotch

    I freaking love these videos. Made for the common man…like an educational film should be! Nowadays you have to look up ten different industry terms before you’ve even finished the video. With the internet everyone is expected to know everything

  117. FrankypankyV8

    When ‘made in America’ meant real quality…Awesome movieclip

  118. JoetheGoldenHoe

    Back then they made room for parts and cared about ease of maintenance. Nowadays its all about how much you can cram into a tiny space and saying f you to mechanics.

    1. jed-henry Witkowski

      I’ve heard even dealer mechanics complain about the hoops they gotta jump through.

    2. Eastern Explorer

      +ike fun I never implied they didn’t? Did you even read the conversation? We were comparing new cars to old cars. I think you may be the dumbass.

    3. Josh Brown

      Yeah, stupid regulations. Who needs safety?

    4. Jimmy Hopper

      Tired of cramming my hands into overwhelmingly tight engine compartments and/or taking out 6 things just to get to what I wanted to fix.

    5. Mike Roberti

      EpiDemic117 Yes. Thank Democrats.

  119. Raul Hernandez

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  124. raptuous

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  125. waswestkan

    Interesting.. The film never really illustrated why it’s called full floating axle. You don’t shove in a new axle without removing the remaining portion of the busted axle.

  126. Richard

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  127. chippyjohn1

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  129. God's Chosen People

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  130. aj reis

    Back then imagine hom much effort was needed to make one short video, yet it is so informative, consise and to the point. Now days information videos are made in thousands and 99% is useless and un comprehendable junk. F*** you modern day time wasters!

  131. João

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  136. Om Banu

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  137. Mr.Crushed

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  138. polymetric

    It’s kind of sad how much effort engineers used to put into making things last, given that companies now design products specifically to do the opposite.

    1. Casa Xtreme

      It’s sad that people want these products. Companies only produce what people want.

  139. anes amm

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    You know the guy that got off work after being in his new 1935 chevy truck all day sat down to his TV dinner and saw this ad and said . Those mother fuckers wait till I talk to that salesman that sold me this truck!

    1. Alex S

      That would be pretty hard for him to do considering the television wasn’t even released commercially until 1938. The Chevy ad you watched in this video played at the MOVIE THEATER, not on home TV’s (because homes didn’t have TVs in 1936). Also, commercials weren’t shown on television until 1941. The first “TV commercial” was a 10 second ad for Bulova watches that aired on July 1, 1941.

    2. Robert story

      Alex S I bet that guy was pretty pissed when after working all week he gets up on Saturday and decides to take his wife to the movies. He brags about his truck the whole way to the movies sits down and they play this commercial and he says wtf wait till I get ahold of the salesman who sold me this piece of shit

  145. Sean Mohamad

    Modern car makers today sucks in giving details of what makes their car stand out in the markets. All they know, features must blinds consumers eyes compare to quality and safety.
    I love oldschool rides, I trust the technology back then better than now when it comes to safety, reliability, practical and more. Gadgets are for shit!

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  147. 42lookc

    The one thing that I wonder about is the narrator said if you break an axle, you could remove it and replace it without taking off the wheels. It’s easy to get the outside end, but how do you get the inside end of the broken axle out?

    1. lezzman

      I’m just guessing but you probably unbolt the “banjo” inspection plate and push it out from the inside with a flexible tube…of course I stand to be corrected.

    2. JP Onefourseven

      Take the shaft out of the other side and push it out with a long pole.

  148. KremitDeFrog

    replacing the axle without having to remove the wheel? I’m sold!

  149. Kandela Brown

    Now let’s put sensors and computers everywhere; AND RUIN IT.

    1. V8 Power

      I’m 30 and I hate sensors too uselles junk they never tell you something went wrong cause they go wrong first and then everything shuts down cause computer thinks that there was some massive breakdown.

    2. Y. Z.

      @V8 Power Good point. You need to weigh the probability of sensors go wrong vs. the things they are sensing go wrong.

    3. Jochen Stacker

      Error codes are your friend! In dem olden days, everything would just keep running, untill grrrrrrRRRRRZZZZZZKRRRRBLAM!
      Nowadays the sensor will warn you well in advance of any problems. And people are then pissed off that they have to spend a few hundred to put something right instead of a few thousand because of the above KABLAM!

    4. Y. Z.

      @Jochen Stacker I have no problem with die Sensoren telling me something is going wrong. Just don’t make shit decisions for me. Even the best AI (huge CPU/GPU consumption) is still dumb in the unexpected cases.

      Furthermore, even if computers become smarter than people, who do they make decision for? Is it in us, average consumers’, best interests, or is it in the interest of tyrannical monopoly? Nowadays, your laptops are bundled with bundlewares, preinstalled by laptop manufacturers. They are basically sponsored junks you never want. One of my laptops used 60% CPU while doing nothing, newly purchased out of store. When I uninstalled every bundleware, it uses below 5% now. How about cars track your position, identities, photos, when you are driving and at what speed and so on, and sell your information to the highest bidder, all without your knowledge?

    5. V8 Power

      Not really, nothing ever fails without any warning you know and if you keep your car in good shape then nothing catastrophic will ever happen, but if you just drive it without ever changing oil etc then well not even error codes will help you.

  150. johnathan bowman

    I see some flaws even in the revised version. I mean what’s up with the barrel shaped bearing? Not to mention ,if that axle did break , it’s not just so easy to change . Back then they had wedges around the nuts that held the axle in place that had to be hammered out with a sledgehammer, also when that axle breaks it leaves all kinds of pieces in that rear end housing that must be removed before the rear end can be operated again . Just saying ?

  151. chasebh89

    Lmao the single narrator in 1930s-40s knew everything

  152. 3beltwesty

    The 1936 Chevy Truck Rear Axle shaft Inner & Differential Side Roller Bearing is part number KD12051Z . New bearings by Federal-Mogal, Delco, SKF await you. This bearing is used on GM trucks from 1936 to 1984. The “newer” part number is 9412426 ie after 1944. An even “newer” part number is Delco S612. It fits a 2002 Chevy C3500HD truck, a 1993 one too.Interchange Part Number: 9412426, 09412426, KD12051-Z, PKD12051Z, WE61198.   Thus your local dealer might tell you that they have no 1936 truck axle bearings, but they have one in stock that is the same bearing

    1. Adam A

      excellent i’ll have to keep that in mind when my 1936 differential goes out

    2. bob brooks

      Good to know as I own 7 of those axles.

    3. Arthur Vieira

      Nice. How do you know this stuff? 🙂

  153. john martin

    I imagine Germanys axes were much better as their bearings worked much better and German steel has always been superior

  154. Matthew Weisenburger

    Back when they sold their vehicles by showing their build quality not “real people not actors”

    1. Y. Z.

      Psychology ads killed ads industry. Nowadays, people skip contentless and brainwashing ads as fast as they can, or use an a.d.-blocker.

    2. Heineken FiftySeven

      Oh dude.. You gotta check out Mahk from the YouTube Channel “Zebra Corner” He hates those “real people not actors” commercials so much he does parodies of them!

  155. EPICMAN 1215

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  156. The Blue BlobFish

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  162. Unco Casey

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  163. James Stone

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  164. jrea424

    I love how parts where just made as solid and as heavy duty as possible, is this because they didnt yet understand shear strengths and load capacities quite yet?

  165. Enter The Hunter

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  166. Mark Reynolds

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  167. Gudjon Pall Gudmundsson

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  168. jan3019

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  173. barmu

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    1. JP Onefourseven

      Heavy trucks and a few new cars still use this.

  174. Joseph Stokes

    What! No horrible intrusive background music? Thanks for the video! Very interesting.

  175. Thomas Maughan

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  176. JavaNocKziK

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  180. Игорь Болотов

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  181. Conner DiPasquale

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    1. Devin Williams

      if that were true, would they really need to talk about how easy it was to change your broken axle?

  183. Jack Simmons

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  184. Stavinair Caeruleum

    5:00 shesh if only car companies made stuff to be serviceable like that…

    1. Devin Williams

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  185. GentlemensTuck

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    1. lezzman

      In that day and age there was probably a Chevy parts dealer in every town with a storeroom choc-a-block full of axle shafts. Today you’d need to wait a week for one to be shipped over from Japan…or more likely Korea.

  190. Hector Cortez

    How did they go from this, to “Real People, Not Actors” commercials?

  191. Andrew Peterson

    Back before designed obsolescence. This is a fantastic view into the past.

    1. Devin Williams

      when there was room for improvement, they tried their best

  192. Juny Xiong

    so what about belt suspension or spring suspension those were there in the olden days?

  193. Jonathon Carter

    Did they really talk that slow back then? lol Cool vid though.

  194. ScientistCat

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  197. K J

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  198. Josh Perlstein

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  199. junkdeal

    Hey, truck mechanics! Ever have one come to you with an interior axle shaft broken off, especially if it happens right close to the ring -pinion set?  How do you snag that broken piece without losing it in the banjo? If you do, you gotta take out the “pig”!  Here’s a trick!  Take out the other shaft on the other side. Get a fence pipe larger than the axle end. Stick it in the side with the broken piece, up against the broken piece, or actually over it if enough sticks out. Have someone hold this pipe in place and tell him not to allow it to be forced back out as you work. Go on the other side with a long bar, put it through the spider gear until you touch the end of the broken shaft. Both spiders are hollow where the splines are, so one leads to the other. Now whack it with a hammer, and the broken part will end up in the pipe. Carefully withdraw the pipe with the broken shaft inside!

  200. Darklipstikgirl

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  204. ronald4life1

    4:50 wtf… did he change change out the left rear axle? They could make it THIS EASY!? Oh man remarkable, off-roaders would have a field day with this kind of changeability!

    1. JP Onefourseven

      That’s what great about Toyota axles. But it is not always that easy, depends on where it snaps. If you are lucky it breaks near the end and is easy to get out.

  205. Crazystuffyousee

    Its a good thing common core wasnt around back then or this video would have made any sense.

  206. SuperOffgrid

    Same axle as is used today.

  207. Bryan Larsgaard

    I’ve wondered how standard Colum shifting worked, now I know.

  208. AL M

    I had to laugh at how simple it is to change the broken axle in the video. In the real world the broken axle stub is deep inside the differential, and a real bear to get out.

  209. serpent977MB

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  210. Dylan Jett

    It’s amazing how easy they made the vehicle to work on wish they’d keep that up

    1. Devin Williams

      its still the same design. these were not normal trucks

  211. gamer geek

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  212. ballyhoo321

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