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Look At Pontiac For 1954! – Shop Local

Pontiac advertising film. Great shots of Pontiac showroom cars on rotating platforms. VS POV from inside Pontiac driving on race tracks and open road.

Look At Pontiac For 1954!  - Buy American

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10 Thoughts to “Look At Pontiac For 1954! – Shop Local

  1. Porschedude8

    So true! It wouldn’t hurt to have some “attractive” models as well….

  2. T0mm Teddy

    why it has no sound . ???

  3. kerryincolumbus

    Yank this rotten dumbass video down! there’s no sound!!!!! what’s the use of having a video where you KNOW people are talking, if there’s no sound!! What dope addict posted this!?!????

  4. m dogg

    This “dumbass” video answered a question I had about power steering as an option in ’54. So thank you for posting!

  5. discerningmind

    No sound.  But beautiful color and detail in some areas.  Most impressive is how nicely done the ’54 Pontiac’s were.  I was surprised at the upholstery and particularly the expensive carpeting.  The only other automobile carpeting I’ve seen to be a match to that was in my 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 Wagon.  Thanks for posting.

  6. Bill Dozer

    This was golden for me! I just picked up the 4 door sedan and it looks identical! To see it new….I can hardly wait to get it on the road, thanks!

  7. Sasan Sasani

    they had bathroom tiles for the interior.