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6 Thoughts to “Random Trucks – Shop Local

  1. VinnyDaQ

    What is up with all the silent videos lately ? At least add some music of some kind.

  2. william jones

    Fascinating footage, i hope you more like it

  3. Miller Medium

    Yeah! Imagine this channel putting up 550 videos and having the nerve to include a few without sound. That is like SO inconsiderate!

  4. MrComaToes

    This set of home movies would have taken place in 1955, as there is a billboard for Mister Roberts shown in a few frames.

  5. talfacprez

    One thing hasn’t changed…..Notice the blur after the first minute of the film. Bugs have been hitting windshields ever since the beginning of automotive history.

  6. VinnyDaQ

    Not inconsiderate – just boring as all hell to watch in complete silence.