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Signs Of Life (Ca. 1950s) – Shop Local

driving POVs
road signs
the usual California roadside stuff
00:48:09:05- 00:48:29:01 traffic going by on Nimitz Freeway, near sign for Hegenberger Road/77th Ave. exit in Oakland
00:48:29:03 — 00:48:40:21 another shot along Nimitz Freeway in Hayward, near sign “Right Lane for Winton Ave.”
CU of diamond-shaped warning sign with skull and crossbones

Signs Of Life (Ca. 1950s)  - Buy American

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2 Thoughts to “Signs Of Life (Ca. 1950s) – Shop Local

  1. MegaZsolti

    I like this film.
    3:00 ’58 Impala. Likely late 50s-early 60s.

  2. Bryce Landon

    Not much has changed with road signs since the 1950s, except that stop signs are red instead of yellow and yield signs are red and white instead of yellow.