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6 Thoughts to “Spot News (1937) – Shop Local

  1. Ray's World

    They knew how to explain things properly back in the day – Ironically this is just as valid today for sending a pic via cell phone. Love these video’s, thanks for sharing!

  2. bukster1

    When I was working in a telephone exchange in the 1980’s they still had a wire photo system in use. It was replaced by a fax shortly after I arrived so I never got to see it going. It explains why old newspaper pictures are made up of dots.

  3. rrclerk68

    The very early beginnings of FAX transmissions, then called “wire photos”. Some lovely shots of 1937 Chevrolets, and a Piper cub. The Cubs eventually became feared by the German Army as they were used as spotter planes for US Army artillery units. Their low takeoff speed and ruggedness allowed them to work in forward areas. In one instance, an Army Piper Cub defended a flight of Bombers from enemy anti-aircraft batteries by spotting and calling their positions to our artillery.

  4. SuBN01z3RaT

    i wonder what it would look like if someone talked into the receiver for 30 minutes or so

  5. BJ21ac

    I focuses on the traffic signal in 8:41

  6. Kenny Ottosson

    Fantastic educational video! Wondering if Walt Disney was involved ?? Is this from Bell Labs?