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Styling And The Experimental Car (1964) – Shop Local

Relies heavily on stills but is graphically sophisticated film. Introduces the Mustang.
Prelinger Archives Producer: Gould (Jerome) and Associates in association with Graphic Films Sponsor: Ford Motor Company

Styling And The Experimental Car (1964)  - Buy American

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6 Thoughts to “Styling And The Experimental Car (1964) – Shop Local

  1. Jason Carpp

    I can relate to the concern for safety and functionality. Like anyone, I appreciate appearance and styling, but what good is it if it leaves you stranded by the road, or if you can’t avoid an accident.

  2. buddywayne1

    I have always loved Fords, I think they’re some of the best looking cars made, but, that stationwagon was fugly!

    1. Dan NZ

      +buddywayne1 Yeah but I loved the interior.

  3. Tim Hickory

    Too bad they don’t “STYLE” cars anymore.  I don’t see the variety of colors and inside fabrics they had back in the 50-70’s.  Now all we have are plebeian silver/black outsides and God awful black/grey/taupe interiors.

  4. Porschedude8

    Very interesting to see the “prototypes” of the period.  Thanks loads!!