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The Case Of The Blurred Image (1960s ca) – Shop Local

Prelinger Archives Producer: Magna Films for James B. Rendle & Assoc. Sponsor: Weather-King Corporation.

The Case Of The Blurred Image (1960s ca)  - Buy American

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3 Thoughts to “The Case Of The Blurred Image (1960s ca) – Shop Local

  1. chicagojunk

    Vintage car heaven.

  2. Bret Abel

    The defendant is innocent!!! This sham lawsuit is a blatantly clear example of frivolous litigation at its most absurd levels. I sincerely hope Mr. Badweather has filed a counterclaim for malicious prosecution.

    Also, what the hell kind of court doesn’t allow the defense to present their arguments? Shame on whatever court this is taking place in. The entire proceedings are deliberately structured to favor the prosecution and effectively silence any argument whatsoever from the defense. Pathetic! Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets forth the right to a fair trial. In other words, this video is nothing less than the portrayal of a fundamental violation of human rights.

  3. proofbox

    II were Mr Badweather I would serve up a F-5 Tornado and see how your windbreaker deals with that