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To New Horizons (1940) – Shop Local

Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor: General Motors Corporation, Department of Public Relations
Audio/Visual: sound, color

To New Horizons (1940)  - Buy American

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7 Thoughts to “To New Horizons (1940) – Shop Local

  1. talfacprez

    WOW things are going to change in 1960!. Thanks for sharing. This glimpse back in time showing predictions of what GM thought would happen is a real eye full.

  2. CovertOperation13

    The future looks so great , I like the 100 mph lane on the highways. I can hardly wait , just 20 years into the future , yet 1960 seems so far away . Farmers are going to have it made ! Life will be so good for everyone . There are some innovative ideas hear .

  3. CamaroAmx

    wonder what happened to the GM autodrome since the fair? alot of the stuff is not logical, like the highways and the cities due to the need to completely tear down the current structures & roads in order to build the new versions in the film. not to mention it would take alot longer then 20 years, plus tons of money. With individual lanes separated by barriers switching lanes would be impossible, plus if an accident occurred, one lane would be backed up without anyway to divert traffic.

  4. l337pwnage

    Well, obviously by 1960 cars wouldn’t break down anymore and the automatic radio controls would prevent accidents. 😉

  5. senorkaboom

    What a vision. Fun to watch this and see what came to pass and what is still a dream.

  6. CamaroAmx

    guess that explains why GM would go into the highway and urban/rural planning business, to offset the lower sales of their cars (since cars not breaking down or being in accidents would cause people to buy new cars less often). lol

  7. VinnyDaQ

    This narrator’s voice is so soothing, it would put a meth addict to sleep !!