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Vehicle Ambush: Counterattacks (Ca. 1976) – Shop Local

National Archives and Records Administration – ARC Identifier 2723156 / Local Identifier 286-1022

Vehicle Ambush: Counterattacks (Ca. 1976)  - Buy American

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27 Thoughts to “Vehicle Ambush: Counterattacks (Ca. 1976) – Shop Local

  1. Sabel Tann

    Cool, I wonder how this would be with modern cars? I bet they would crumble

    1. Rex Holes

      modern car are far safer

    2. D4RKHOUND

      Rex a modern car would crumple in a way that they would shoot you due to your car being knocked out.

    3. Alan Maier

      And a new car would shut off the fuel pump to prevent a fire. Maybe the old reverse and do a Rockford would still work.

  2. MadMax069

    ramming…not a such a good idea in modern day vehicles, ala airbag deployments will definitely impair your view ability of the road and newer cars are actually meant to absorb the impact and collapse saving the cabin for the occupants. but nevertheless, thanks so much for posting. i love to watch these old school films.

  3. PraiseSpring

    It really hurt to watch them ram a ’57 Chevy.

    1. Hot80s

      i thought the same thing i had one yellow & black 2 door 210

    2. Anthonyrippedandlovinitporreca

      it broke the heartto see the valiant take a hit

  4. Hot80s

    yeah, hit the brakes & assess the situation while the bad guy gives you a headshot & it’s lights out forever
    it didnt work for jfk

    1. D4RKHOUND

      Because that was a sniper… if someone pulled up infront of you with a pistol you have a couple seconds to think.

  5. Gromitdog1

    This video was the impetus for the video game series Grand Theft Auto.

  6. HebaruSan

    It’s mindblowing that this video was made and released to the public. It’s like the California State Police are telling us, when in doubt, ram any car that looks like it might be part of an ambush.

    1. Thane Mac

      This wasn’t for the public. It was a law enforcement training film.

  7. Roger Lane

    I work at a small branch of Pets at Home as an assistant manager. I follow all the above guidelines and have yet to be kidnapped or ambushed by terrorists. This is clearly excellent advice!

  8. James Smith

    What? No power door locks on that 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham? Oh the humanity!

    1. mike rotch

      maybe the system broke and they hadn’t had it fixed yet

  9. keith cunningham

    Blonde on 650 Honda. They were rockets. I could school any moosetang or vette through town with that bike. They ran out of gas about 60 but pulled like anything light to light

  10. FloydTrek

    Nowadays, you only have to worry about this in the hood, or if you’re in a witness protection program. I’m not even sure if road terrorism was a problem back in the 70’s either.

  11. Fairfaxcat

    The odds for survival are excellent.

  12. dbltrplx

    Fk defensive driving
    You need WEAPONS!!!
    Guns, big guns, lots of guns .

  13. Chilly Willy

    If your attackers are going to use radios, one good idea would be to jam the frequencies that are most likely to be using. They are most likely to be either using kids walke talkies at around 49 Mhz, CB radio (27 Mhz), MURS (151 MHz), or FRS/GMRS (462 and 467 MHz).

    If you want to foil any potential attacker, just jam whatever radio frequencies they might be using.

  14. Sar Jim

    Back in the days when there was a California State Police. They were absorbed by the Highway Patrol in 1995. They did a lot of dignitary protection, and this was back in the days of a lot of political kidnappings.I assume this film was made for the use of their department, other law enforcement agencies and civilians that were responsible for high value targets.

  15. Dale Slover

    Oh No!!! (15:11) not a 57 Chevy 2 door, Couldn’t they found a Old Studebaker to smack.

  16. Richard Golden-DeWitt

    allot of this video would do with today’s plastic bumpers and airbags

  17. Oakie

    man that’s a rough neighborhood

  18. Aaron S

    White Gucci loafers at 14:41, as a shoe collector these are a “Holy Grail” item.

  19. jack torrence

    Watch out if you see hippies talking into RadioShack walkie-talkies.