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Water Boy (1936) – Shop Local

A Dramatization Of The Cooling System Of The Automobile, Showing How The Water Circulates Around The Cylinders, Cooling Them And In Turn Being Cooled By The Air Drawn In Through The Radiator.

Water Boy (1936)  - Buy American

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36 Thoughts to “Water Boy (1936) – Shop Local

  1. busessuck1

    this is astonishing!

  2. rgion29247616

    We all need to be thankful of the progress of engineering to make the gasoline V6 or V8 engines run cooler with now AIR CONDITIONING! Let’s all be thankful!

  3. walkenshaw2000

    I’d be more worried pulling that old wagon back down the hill than going up.

    1. SlowCooker

      Chevrolet was boasting about drum brakes just a year earlier!

  4. walkenshaw2000

    If the car ran at 180 under normal conditions it would certainly increase under extreme load. As long as it stayed under the boiling point it was doing it’s job. I can’t believe you could go up that hill under load and not have the temperature rise in the engine.

  5. tasmanndog

    No mention of how much weight in the trailer .

    1. Lich King

      “double load” – probably the car’s weight x2

  6. Kolby V.

    Honey!  Have you seen my rope?  I need to attach the trailer.

    1. David Wainio

      Well you know, safety first.

  7. imallearsru

    I would love to have that car today.

  8. Shain Andrews

    How in the… Apparently we could engineer internal combustion engines. transmissions, axles, wheels, tires, cooling systems but ball hitches eluded our technical aptitude. That was the most demanding road at the time? Eisenhower needs to get off his butt and build us some interstate. Go around the rocky mountains? Screw that let’s just cut straight through the middle of em.

  9. Richard Vaughn

    That saucer plate radiator is over-engineering at its finest!

    1. Wade Buck

      Seriously lol I’m mind blown the saucer actually has a use other than holding a cup. Also 1936 America with the black “attendant”…

  10. Nam Le

    The water will freeze in minus degree or boil when the temperature is over 100c. They need liquid that cant be frozen nor boiled

    1. todd foster

      Never heard of a liquid that can’t be frozen or boiled

    2. jockellis

      Ethylene glycol pretty well fits the bill. I thought it was funny that when the car stops after bringing in the construction crew the first thing done is putting more water in that radiator. Thanks to the water jacket that completely surrounds the boiler’s firebox over on a steam locomotive, mechanical engineers knew how to sheath the internal engine’s critical parts.

    3. Richard Fallstich

      If you pressurize the water it raises the boiling point. Most cars today run at more than 100C coolant temperature, largely due to this.

    4. jockellis

      Richard Fallstich I know – I’ve had to run pressureless several times when radiator was bad. I was just surprised that the car didn’t seem to have s radiator cap.

  11. Ender

    I wonder why the rear axle of that trailer has a differential. Maybe just the axle they had handy?

    1. Ender

      Didn’t you see the pumpkin in the middle of the trailer axle? That’s a differential housing. +karlwashere123

    2. karlwashere123

      Oh you’re right it does. I don’t know. Maybe it’s ex-military. I mean it’s a informational video on engineering so I’m assuming somebody would be smart enough to remove the differential gear. But you never know. I’ve only ever seen assisted Drive axles on tractors. And some military vehicles. But even then it would be in the front not the back. Interesting.

    3. Ender

      Or it’s a cobbled-together trailer, and a drive axle is what they had handy to put under it. +karlwashere123

    4. karlwashere123

      Most likely. And I don’t believe for a second that those crates had anything in them. At 10 minutes and 30 seconds it seems to accelerate as if it has nothing more than an empty trailer attached.

  12. AIO inc.

    Remember when auto makers were proud enough of their features to make videos demonstrating how they work and what they do to the people who would buy it?

    Wish we had that back

    1. Rest ing

      And they played these ‘adds’ at movie theaters.

    2. LOP1698

      Well now the media and TV just thinks we are stupid and tells us what to do an and what is good or bad. I mean you could not expect people to think for them self saying them what to think is way more effektiv this is now true in all media, no matter if commercials, or even News left or right. Its not the peoples that are stupid it is the media manipulating the public in just accepting “universal truths” and this is whats causing or will cause massiv conflict and problems. Im happy to see that now that the media is slowly burning its reputation with those strange moves. Hopefully we get back to more tolerating society where people can think and say what they want. That does not mean that everything they say is correct or good but that is not the point, the point is that people will speak with each other and not just ignoring each other because they have and different political opinion, calling each other stupid, ignorant or what ever . The effect will be the end democracy if we don’t stop think in good and evil for the media it is simpler to just tell us what is good it really saves them a lot of work because they can just stay at the surface about every topic. People need to wake up and see that we are ignoring the complexity of things, because no one cares about problems and facts feelings are important now and this will destroy our society in the long run.

  13. Sasan Sasani

    they were really tough brave men back then.

  14. InfiniteMushroom

    While this video is about engine cooling, I was struck by the subtle social commentary that started off the video and how drastically different it was compared to what would be shown today.

    This video DARED to celebrate Working MEN as the characters, backdrop, and lead-in to the subject at hand! The social statement being made is a positive one because it recognized the Working MAN as the center of American society. This mindset was possible only because of FDR and the New Deal.

    Why haven’t we seen this sort of thing in the last 40 years? We can thank the engineered rise of neoliberalism in the 1970’s, which became Reaganomics in the 1980’s. And what have we been celebrating since then? The spawn of this ongoing madness i.e. The Rentier Rich, celebrities, rappers, SJW’s, mudsharks, LGBTQ, the #MeToo mob, the Diversity Dictators, and other cultural parasites.

    If this video were done today, it would start off with an insane visual assault of CGI images and be presented entirely by young feminist women of at least three non-White ethnic groups. There wouldn’t be a car towing a trailer but, a mulatto male pizza delivery driver; working non-stop in a hilly terrain. The CGI showing the engine staying cool while he delivers hot pizza, one after the other. A White male MAY be permitted at that point as the NPC customer waiting on his pizza.

    1. ItzPicklez

      This is a mess of a comment.

    2. InfiniteMushroom

      You are right! I cleaned it up a bit and clarified my thoughtcrime.

  15. coolbluelights

    the animations are really great! all hand drawn too…

  16. hell Bent

    was expecting to see Adam sandlers grandfather

  17. Detroit8V92tta

    Back breaking work on that pipeline! Very hard work.