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What’s Under Your Hood? (1973)

Uses model engine, animation and simple narration to answer questions about the major automobile parts and how and why they do function.


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37 Thoughts to “What’s Under Your Hood? (1973)”

  1. Reluctant Couch

    Only one view but 11 likes. Weird

    1. Magnus Sundland

      +Dylan McElveen And two comments..

    2. Walter White

      now has 3,904 views, 129 likes and one dislike as of June 14 2016

    3. Reluctant Couch

      +rome baker Thanks YouTube analytics

  2. HighDensity Polyethylene

    Only one view but 11 likes. Weird

    1. HighDensity Polyethylene

      +rome baker Thanks YouTube analytics

  3. Lijevi Desni

    so nicely explained

  4. s0nnyburnett

    Under your hood is misery, pain and a black hole for all your money.

    1. Walter White

      The Internal combustion engine is a money pit

  5. BKofficer23

    Is the generator the same as the alternator?

    1. giovanifm1984

      +BKofficer23 yes.

    2. BKofficer23

      +l337pwnage Thank you both.

    3. Keeree Dev

      what the fuck are you all saying? generator produces electric energe, and alternator is an electric motor which rotates crankshaft and starts the engine. both of these devices are necessary and they’ve always been a part of Internal combustion engine

    4. Eduardo Hernandez

      Sorry to say but no, the alternator is the modern equivalent of the older generators used on older cars. They are very similar in operation although older generators on automobiles typically output direct current where newer alternators output alternating current, hence the name. The device that +Keeree Dev is talking about is called a starter motor and is not the same as either a generator or alternator.

    5. WAQWBrentwood

      Keeree Dev Huh!?! An “alternator” IS a generator that produces alternating current. In “car talk” a “generator” IS a generator that produces direct current.

  6. orange70383

    Wish I was young again.

    1. John Kyon

      So do I, how old are you friend?

  7. l337pwnage

    4:35 I remember being told those old ‘ram horn’ exhaust manifolds were pretty sought after because they were one of the highest flowing stock manifolds you could get.

  8. Tim Hickory

    No one is wearing seat belts except the woman in the VW… Love it!  Such mod clothes we wore back then

  9. senorkaboom

    I didn’t see anything here about fuel injection, sensors, computers, distributorless electronic ignition, catalytic convertors and the other new engine systems. This is about cars made when gas was under $0.50 cents a gallon. Man, that was YEARS ago.

    1. VinnyDaQ

      +senorkaboom Plus, no front-wheel drive systems or disc brakes…just like my first car, a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. It’s a good thing gas was so cheap back then ; I used to fill up a 22 gallon tank with a five dollar bill !

    2. Walter White

      +senorkaboom. you could thank EPA for emissions laws. being sarcastic

    3. senorkaboom

      +rome baker
      Well, actually, the EPA set some of the standards for emissions from California laws. We had the toughest standards in the country, and maybe the world, in the 70’s and 80’s. Many engines available in the nation were not allowed in California. Finally, the EPA just adopted the California standard for the nation.

    4. Car Lover

      +VinnyDaQ Yes, but you also probably used to earn something like $200 a month.

  10. Nordmann61

    It is Revell that have the Visible V8 plastic kit you see in this video, it is still to be had, for about 50 -75$ on eBay for instance. I assembled mine completly a few days ago, it is still virtually the same since 1958.
    Amazing kit and display 1:4 model V8, it won an award in 2008, well deserved!
    Why can not Revell also start to sell the Visible Chassis you see in this video, with the see-through 3 speed manual and the see-through differensial?
    I was dicontiniued in the 60es I think, I guaratee Revell it will sell like hotcakes is they release it again. Today vintage kits of the Visible Chassis sells on eBay for about 500-1200$ depend on the condition.

    1. Squishy Zoran

      that’s a shame! I want one of those tiny car models and you bet your ass I’d buy one!

  11. андрей горшков

    прекрасное пособие на английском языке по машинкам ( с картинками).

  12. Виталий Борисенко

    It is good car

  13. Леша Прудник

    Вау классное видео,поучительное ,всем советую смотрите ,мне понравилсь!! Лайк!!

  14. Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus

    The Revell Visible V8 was originally the Renwall Visible V8, and Renwall also did the Visible chassis and transmission shown in the video. The chassis is a rare, valuable kit these days, nice to see one together and functioning.

  15. Yasser Dz

    oooh my god that wese a m…

  16. Arizona man

    I know this one! An engine!

  17. german cavallo

    Hello, may you turn on the editing features for your videos? Because I want to add subtitle translations in English, Spanish and maybe German, so everyone can enjoy your channel, since I find it fascinating

  18. Missis Piggie

    3:25 “The coil boosts the current to make a voltage high enough” Current is measured in amperes. Voltage is measured in volts. Aka not the same……..

    1. Anonymous

      but current and voltage are directly proportional. So if you increase current voltage should increase. In other words it’s ohmic

    2. Missis Piggie

      If you do not add any more watts then current decreases when you increase voltage. I * V = P If you increase V you have to decrease I so that p stays the same. To make a spark you almost don’t need any current at all.

  19. Nianyi Wang

    is that steve jobs?

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