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#WindPoweredSchools: Lowville, NY – Shop Local

Students at this upstate New York school system are thriving, aided by extra revenue from a nearby wind farm.

#WindPoweredSchools: Lowville, NY  - Buy American

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2 Thoughts to “#WindPoweredSchools: Lowville, NY – Shop Local

  1. up state 315

    what happens when the money runs out yet again big business small town people. this is what i would of done took a loan out and build the wind towers and have Lewis county run them. jobs for people and also money running in at all times. good luck. if you have a dream follow the dream no matter who brings you down.

  2. up state 315

    another thing i am the one that went to jcc and gave Betsy Penros the idea for jcc to build a college in lowville new york your welcome. the idea was not to put it out in the middle of a farm land , but to put it somewhere in town so people can walk to college. this was the point of this and so that the unfortunate people without cars can go to school so they are not on the streets selling drug and getting in trouble. think about this, building up is cheaper then building out just saying. plus if you build out it will cost more. please pass this on to fellow people my idea for the future of children in lowville Aaron Foster. This is also possible you could have the town fund it to instead leave jcc out of all money.