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Seriously, I am trying. I paid for the yearly subscription of the Amazon Music Unlimited, and I am not enjoying it. At all.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe I am not. If you think I am missing something in the experience or I need to change a setting, please make a comment in the comments section.

At the moment, in my opinion, Amazon Music Unlimited blows! I want my money back and go back to Pandora

My Top Reasons Amazon Music Unlimited Sucks!

1. It seems to play the same 30 songs in almost the same order. I am looking for a variety of my favorite music in that genre.

2. It seems like it doesn’t learn my dislikes – If I “thumbs down” every Tom Petty song, it is safe to say I don’t like Tom Petty. It will continue to play other Tom Petty songs. I never had that problem with Pandora.

3. After I “thumbs down” several songs in a row, it will placate me with one of the first five songs I “thumbed up.”

4. When I skip a lot of songs because it just recently played them, it will eventually try to play it again in the same listening session.

5. It does a poor job of understanding my taste in music. After several months, it should know what I like and what I don’t!

Amazon Music Unlimited Sucks!  - Buy American

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