In my career as an SEO, I’ve been able to help hundreds small businesses grow and hire more people due to their increased sales. Now I’m set to help 10’s of thousands of American Small Businesses.

One of the best compliments I’ve ever had was when a small business owner in Oostburg Wisconsin called me in 2008 during the housing bubble crisis to say that he would have to lay off 2 people is he didn’t get more sales through his website. 30 days later, Dale called me again and said “Brian, I don’t know what you do or how you do it, but I’m going to have to hire 3 new people in order to keep up with all of the new orders”.
What I heard is; Brian, you just kept 5 families in their homes during a terrible crisis. It is a tremendous feeling to be able to do that, and it’s why I had turned down all of the big corporations and continued to work exclusively for small businesses. I nearly burst with pride knowing that I’ve done that hundreds of times during my SEO career.

Throughout my SEO career, I was only able to keep on 20 active clients at the same time and that kind of workload caused me 2 decades of 80-100+ hours per week. It was a limiting factor that I tried and tried to find a solution to remove. I wanted to be able to use my particular skills to help more businesses than I had hours in the day.

When my long time customer and friend, Patricia Gallun-Hansen came to me with an idea to build “America’s Local Marketplace” I jumped at the chance to be involved. After a year of planning and development, we have made an online marketplace for American small businesses, schools, nonprofits and communities.

Being Socially Conscious takes Commitment. Shop Main Street Online gives 10% of our marketplace proceeds right back to each participating community through chambers of commerce and other local nonprofits.
No listing fees and free advertising make Shop Main Street Online a powerful ally to even cash poor small businesses with zero barrier to entry. We want to help them grow, even when they are micro-startups with no budget at all. Shop Main Street Online gives another 10% back to the community via incentives and remarketing to Americans who shop local on Main Street America’s Local Marketplace to buy from our local sellers.

As a world class SEO that has taken the smallest companies and made them as competitive in organic search results as the biggest corporations, I finally have the opportunity to help 10’s of thousands of small American businesses at the same time. My previous limitation of helping 20 active clients at the same time is totally gone.

I’ve already optimized to be page one of Google for “America’s Local Marketplace” and I will optimize every business listed in our directory ( and every product added to the marketplace ( and I will re-market your business to your customers while introducing you to new customers.

My goal is nothing short of making your business grow, the local economy grow and the American economy grow. Together, we will create new jobs while making our quality of life better.