Brian Bateman
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Duty makes me do it well. Love makes me do it beautifully.
20 year track record of success, innovation and leadership. Top performing ecommerce, search engine optimization and Internet marketing professional leading the design, development, and implementation of domestic and international Internet marketing strategies that consistently dominate in organic search engine rankings, align with corporate strategies, and achieve business results. Highly skilled in technical analyses of trends, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, conversions and user experience design, while leading teams in the development and implementation of strategies that meet changing business and worldwide competition. Consistent performer who thrives in a demanding environment offering opportunities to continually meet challenges and exceed expectations. Highly adept at reflecting company’s philosophy through effective campaigns while maintaining competitive position and exceeding business goals.
Key Qualifications

• The only search engine optimization expert in the world that has engineered search engines, written the rules that keep out spam and built the networks on which they reside. This gives me a unique ability to see things through the eyes of the search engines and deliver content which they love.
• The only individual search engine optimization expert in the world to achieve Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing Services in Google rankings across North America, beating the largest, most well-funded and staffed Digital Marketing agencies in the world.
• Highly experienced in Ecommerce with over 20 years of experience from coding to management to directing enterprise solutions via my agency partners and clients.
• With Google’s shift toward forcing paid advertising, along with the rest of the Internet, bringing down cost per click, cost per acquisition while driving conversion ratios higher; it is more vital than ever to have perfectly optimized content.


America’s Local Marketplace – Director of Ecommerce

• Shop Main Street Online created a multivendor marketplace for Americans only
Working with Chambers of Commerce and nonprofit organizations

• Enables the small businesses in their communities to eliminate expense and risk of creating their own competitive ecommerce websites
• Supports the community with donations of 10% of our marketplace transaction fees to local nonprofits and chambers of commerce
• Achieved #1 on Google SEO for ‘America’s Local Marketplace’
• 2.14 billion competitors for ‘Ecommerce Storefront’ ranked top 30 in 3 months
• Manage and maintain CentOS server, Apache Server on PHP powered WordPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Multi-Vendor, Affiliate powered social marketplace. Over 130 different PHP applications and APIs integrated into the overall solution, Amazon CloudFront, Apache Modules, Server Firewall, Network Firewall, Security, Data Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Behavior Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Spam and Splog Solutions.

SEO LLC – Director of SEO and Digital Marketing

• Provided white label services directly to web development, marketing and search engine optimization companies (from enterprise class to small and medium sized businesses) as their dedicated SEO team
• Achieved #2 on Google for ‘Internet Marketing’ and ‘Internet Marketing Services’
• Earned a local bank $1.9 million in deposits on a limited time CD rate with a $10,000 budget in only 3 weeks
• Helped a local business prevent laying off 2 people and instead hiring three people in just 30 days in 2008
• Helped a local hardware store turn around losing $5,000 per month on AdWords to a net profit of $35,000 per month in 8 months while also adding 50,000 Facebook fans to their page and creating a group with 20,000 highly engaged members
• Organically reached over 1 million people in 24 hours with over 125,000 engagements for a Fire and Security company on Facebook

USA Local Search – Search Engine Developer & Network Engineer

• Mastered development of search engines, SQL databases, search engine crawlers and writing algorithms to prevent crawling “Black Hole Sites” and spam.
• Built a multilingual search engine for the continent of Africa on behalf of a Nigerian official
• The goal: to enable African countries to be better represented on a global stage directly to help facilitate business collaboration in sales of natural resources
• Created a Dedicated Database for each country in Africa in its native language with translations available
• Complete end-to-end solution from setting up the server network and hosting to development of the search engines and overseeing the search engine crawled data.

• Built USA Local Search with a separate database and crawler for each of the Fifty States

• Built USA Local Search for nonprofit organizations

• Built USA Local Search for government information

• Search results were available by State and by type

• Data was fed to a national search engine and drew results from each of the local search engines (based on my custom ranking system)

• USA Local Search had search results far superior to Google’s at the time and was gaining traction. However, Google was well funded and was able to buy data from InfoUSA to populate their local search results a year after our launch.

• Tools Employed: SharePoint Portal Server Enterprise, SQL Server Enterprise, ASP.Net, Java Script, Windows 2003 Server Networking, Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Server (IIS), Windows Media Server

Batcave Productions – Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing Services

• Name Change from The Technical Wizard to Batcave Productions

• Focus on white label services to enterprise companies and marketing agencies with the emphasis on providing digital media and search engine optimization services while absorbing and mastering new technologies, platforms and languages.
• Earned Certification as Windows Media Solutions Provider after successfully creating a digital video and audio network and mastering digital video and audio encoding and media rights
• Digital Media Server Network Engineer, Digital Media Encoding, Digital Media Rights, Google Search Engine Optimization, Yahoo Search Engine Optimization, Windows Server 2001, Windows Server 2003, Windows Media Encoder, Windows Media Server, Ecommerce, Web Design, Web 2.0 Development and Social Media Marketing.
• HTML, ASP, SQL, Access, Windows Media, Windows Networking, JavaScript

The Technical Wizard – Web Design at the Speed of Thought, SEO and Internet Marketing

• Turned Freelancing into an ongoing business with over 40 employees and 4 locations: (Chicago, Milwaukee, Sheboygan and De Pere) providing “Web Design at the Speed of Thought” and Search Engine Optimization services.
• The Technical Wizard was growing quickly and had appointments six months out. The tragic events of 9 -11 shut down the economy and I had to let people go and downsize to just one office in Sheboygan


• Manpower International – Milwaukee Technical Contract work for the world’s largest employer. Assignments included working as a technical assistant at a local Milwaukee law firm, an engineering firm, a marketing agency and a national nonprofit organization.
• Law Firm – Started by Creating Digital Templates for Use and Re-Use by Attorneys for Common Filings. Offered the opportunity to get paid training to become a paralegal because a partner was impressed with my work ethic.
• Engineering Firm – Originally hired to help with roll out of Microsoft Office across 350 work stations, advanced to technical support, hardware installation and network administration, then offered another opportunity when the rollout was complete, to stay on and create multimedia marketing materials.
• National Nonprofit Organization – A collaboration between Manpower International and the YWCA to offer government an alternative W-@ for job training and welfare reform by privatizing job training. The largest employer in the world selected me to create a multimedia presentation which was shown to Wisconsin Governor Thompson and President Bill Clinton.
• Marketing Agency – Hired through Manpower on Temp to Job basis and offered full time job providing SEO, Marketing Services, Web Development and Multimedia Development for this video production studio and marketing company. Built one of the first Ecommerce sites for an HMO client using HTML and FrontPage then began SEO and email marketing.

• Tools Employed: Digital Video Encoding and Editing, PowerPoint, Publisher, FrontPage, Access, Excel, Word, HTML, Ecommerce Development, Software and Hardware installation and configuration, Windows NT network administration.


Various Blue-Collar Work – Oil Field Services – Furniture Mover – Cabinet Maker – Metal Worker – Plastics Manufacturing – Heavy Assembly – FLM Sales

Close tolerance work using calipers, micrometers, CNC shears, hydraulic shears, hydraulic press, steel blanker, injection molding, edge bander, laminated plastics, follow sales management procedures, desk sales.

• Oil Field Services – My Father changed my birth certificate at 15 years old so that he could send me to work. Shortest job was 24 hours straight. Longest was 52 hours straight. The entire time carrying a 50LB pinch bar. Rig boss came up to my crew boss and said, “That’s the hardest working little SOB I’ve ever seen”.
• Furniture Mover and Cabinet Maker – Held both full time jobs at the same time. Moved locally, so we usually moved 3-5 houses in and out during the work day, then went to my other full time second shift job as a cabinet maker.
• Metal Worker – My lead man screwed up a machine one night and we weren’t going to make a deadline by the end of the work day. I told him we’d punch out, but stay and get the machine right, make our production and then go home.
• Plastics Manufacturing – Only employee to ever score 100% on the color test. When my machine was caught up, I spent my extra time helping other employees get caught up. Offered Lead position.
• Heavy Assembly – Building John Deere tractor and mower seats with 100% accuracy. One day a first shift employee stayed home with the flu so we were going to miss a deadline which would cost the company a $10,000 per day fine. I stayed on an extra shift, despite a serious flu of my own and finished that last box just in time to make the last trailer being loaded.
• FLM Sales – Dubbed the “Mustang King”. From day 1, consistently a top 3 sales performer despite my youth and lack of connections because I followed the sales manager’s guidance.


1997-1998 Y.O.U. – Youth Opportunities Unlimited

• Organized a nonprofit to provide disadvantaged youth with computers and computer training in exchange for their work cleaning up litter, painting out graffiti and planting flowers in their own neighborhood on Milwaukee’s near South side.
• Used my sales ability to get donated computers for refurbishing. I didn’t know how to build computers at the time, so I convinced a local computer repair store to help and train me. I organized in-kind gifts from Piggly Wiggly, KFC, Local Hardware Stores, local Garden Centers and maybe the biggest achievement was getting the local hippies off their couches to lead crews of youth in the cleanup activities.

• Gave away 144 computers in just two blocks of Milwaukee’s South side. Covered by the Journal Sentinel and local radio and TV stations.

• Assembled and serviced personal computers. Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 and 98. Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel,