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Blue Sky Feathers
PO Box 1238 Santa Cruz, CA 95066 8312349871

Becky Mahony is the creator and owner of Blue Sky Feathers Jewelry. She lives in beautiful Santa Cruz County, California with her husband and two boys. She loves to be outdoors when she's not making jewelry and is inspired by the beauty of the ocean and redwoods. Originally from Chico, California she's lived all over northern California and settled in Scotts Valley, just outside of Santa Cruz, because of the incredible natural beauty and the wonderful community. 

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand using high quality materials such as 14k filled gold and sterling silver wire. All metal scraps are recycled so nothing gets wasted. All sterling silver and 14k gold filled earrings include hand made ear wires with the same material, great for sensitive ears. These pieces are made to last and can be worn and enjoyed for many years.

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