Bohringer Creative, Inc
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Bohringer Creative is a Direct Marketing Agency 

With a focus on your goals and objectives, Bohringer Creative will create a customized solution that will maximize efficiency, and help you garner the results you crave!  We have a marketing team and a process that will make marketing concerns a thing of the past.  By focusing on three key areas that have been proven to produce the results, we do what is necessary to get your company noticed.  We use our three decades of experience to analyze and produce high quality marketing tools that you will use for years to come.  Our rock-solid process is rooted in common sense that allows you to achieve the success you desire!


We start with “ideation” – a fancy term for brainstorming, where every concept is considered. This step is critical in helping us visualize the many possibilities for your product or service.



Here we evaluate all the options and help you determine the best choice based on your needs and budget. We like to call this the “box” – where all the “out of the box” ideas have to fit. Once you approve the best option, we take it from there!



Finally, we review the results of your marketing initiative. We find out how well it worked based on various sources of feedback. From there we refine the process further to make sure your marketing dollars continue to have the maximum impact.

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