Kallas Honey
5500 W Douglas Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-462-3530 kallashoney@shopmainstreetonline.com
Kallas Honey Farm packages strictly U.S.A. produced honey, never imported. Our honey is friendly for a variety of different diets including Kosher and gluten-free customers.

Kallas Honey Varieties

Kallas also packages nine varieties of honey in plastic 1 lb., 2 lb., 5lb., and gallon bottles: Alfalfa | Blueberry Blossom | Buckwheat | Clover | Cranberry Blossom | Orange Blossom | Raspberry| Sunflower | Wildflower

Specialty Foods

Kallas also provides these honey- and maple-related specialty foods: Comb Honey | Whipped Honey Spread | Honey Stix | Honey Mustard | Honey Bar-BEE-que | Dried Bee Pollen | Pure Beeswax | Maple Syrup | Granola

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