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Freniere Energy is an independent energy consultant, working closely with Patriot Energy Group – one of the largest energy brokerages in New England. We secure energy purchase plans that help our customers reduce costs, stabilize budgets, and take full advantage of deregulated electricity and natural gas markets. Since 2002 Patriot Energy Group has helped over 14,000 facilities from every dergulated state gain more control over their energy budgets. Let us help you do the same for your business.


Think all energy brokers are the same? Check out what we do and why we’re different here.

When choosing our services, you will still be a valued customer of your local utility that “delivers” your electricity or natural gas to you. They will still maintain the wires, pipes and meters that get the electricity and gas to your business. You will, however, gain the ability to take control of your energy costs. Patriot Energy has a staff of full-time employees that work in our operations department and customer service center who are readily available to answer your important questions.

As a our customer you can choose to receive a a monthly product performance update, or quarterly savings analyses and regular communication. We’re committed to providing your business with the highest level of service and value for your energy procurement needs.

Our products and services let you stabilize your budget in fixed rates when you feel that the market is priced to your advantage, or purchase energy using a variable plan at today’s best rates for savings immediately. You can choose between short or long-term fixed and variable plans, or depending on conditions, you might choose a hybrid of both. We can also help you purchase some or all of your power from “green” sources, and if you’re considering an energy audit, we can help with that too. You can learn more about your energy purchase options here.

Through our services, our customers save money, stabilize budgets, and take control of their energy purchases. Let’s discuss your energy needs. You’ll feel better-served with an energy purchase strategy that’s cost-effective and more flexible than standard utility rate plans. A rate analysis and a few minutes of your time could save you thousands on your energy bills. Contact us today – its easy, free, and worth it.

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