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Arches National Park, Utah, USA in 4K Ultra HD

Arches National Park – US National Park near Moab, Utah, famous for its natural sandstone arches and other amazing rock formations.

Locations in the video: Sunrise through South Window Arch (0:07), Balanced Rock (0:13, 3:55), North Window and South Window Arches (0:39), North Window Arch and Turret Arch (0:57), Double Arch (1:39), Fiery Furnace (2:31), Sand Dune Arch (2:52), Broken Arch (3:15), Skyline Arch (3:27), Pinetree Arch (3:36), Tunnel Arch (3:50), Park Avenue (4:17), Twisted Doughnut Arch (5:33), Delicate Arch (5:42), Devil’s Golf Ball (8:29), Landscape Arch (9:05), Partition Arch (9:25), Navajo Arch (9:41), Double O Arch (10:08).

Recorded October 2016 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100.

Intersonic Subformation – Into the Void – 04 – The Longest Orbit
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