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National Forests – It’s All Yours – Shop Local

World-renowned outdoor athletes share why National Forests are important to them in the latest “It’s All Yours” video produced in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

The “It’s All Yours” campaign invites Americans to go play, go discover and go beyond on their National Forests and Grasslands.

Learn more about the campaign:

National Forests – It’s All Yours  - Buy American

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2 Thoughts to “National Forests – It’s All Yours – Shop Local

  1. Maya Christiansen Wright

    I just read an article that says that you all are going to kill thousands of prairie dogs by poisoning them and they will die in a slow painful way by bleeding out bc farmers say they are ruining their land, first they help churn the soil, second they have been on earth sentries more then us, third you all are talking about how you love nature but yet your going to kill it?

    1. Gary Morin

      Do you have evidence that this is a fact? or did you just read one article? it MIGHT be true, but are you sure that it’s true and factual?