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Take the Yellowstone Pledge!

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5 Thoughts to “Take the Yellowstone Pledge!”

  1. Urban Outdoorsman

    Stop building gift shops and hotels then

    1. Chauncy Gilmore

      RoadTripVidz Thank God I am not alone . They have turned our parks into shopping malls and resorts just like the rest of America one giant coast to coast shopping mall where people spend their money on worthless over inflated crap all while restricting access to the backcountry with their arbitrary rules and regulations that for the most part act as tool to keep us out and gagged in like cattle at certain places throughout the parks .

  2. Christopher Heldt

    i heard they were starting to put up cell towers all over the park. Muir and Roosevelt would say leave it as it is. There should always be some places that are natural and wild.

  3. Chauncy Gilmore

    Take back control of the places that take our breath away . Currently being ran by those who wish to restrict our access down to a limited area and keep us corralled like cattle . This is not the same National park service we once had .

  4. SchwiftedBear

    Honestly, it should become illegal to build anything in Yellowstone unless it is absolutely necessary for actually important reasons. Leave it as it is

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