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    Molis Dental South Holland

    Why Us?:

    All other things being equal, wouldn't you rather have a dentist that you know gives back to the community? Charitable contributions are important to help keep our society healthy and our community strong.

    Certified Socially Conscious Philanthropic Business Supporting:

    Molis Dental supports Notre Dame Catholic Charities — presenting them with a $1,000.00 donation.

    Molis Dental supports a nonprofit charity committed to winning the fight against brain tumors — Mary E Smith foundation with a $1,000.00 donation.

    Molis Dental continues to fight the good fight with a $1000 donation to “Dancers Against Cancer”.

    Dr. Molis and Renee Murdoch on behalf of Molis Dental presenting a $1,000 check to Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans!

    Dentist Thanks Veterans With Free Dental Care

    Dr. Ryan Molis might seem like a hero to the veterans whose teeth he has fixed for free. But Molis readily admits that his reasons for doing the work aren’t entirely philanthropic.

    “It’s a little selfish, but I like the way it makes me feel to help them,” said Molis, who has practiced dentistry for 16 years.

    Several years ago Molis met a veteran who needed new dentures. But the Veterans Administration had a nine-month wait. That wait was cut short when Molis finished the work in just three weeks, and at no charge.

    Since then Molis has provided free dental work for five veterans, as well as others in need of care but unable to pay. He recalls an 84-year-old patient whose dentures didn’t fit properly. She was losing weight because of her inability to eat, but she lacked the money to pay for a new set of teeth…

    Socially Conscious Dentist in South Holland, Illinois Dr. Ryan Molis opened Molis Dental II in South Holland, IL in 2011 at 16240 Louis Ave. South Holland, IL 60473, providing General Dentistry and Invisalign services to patients on the south suburbs of Chicago and northwest Indiana. In addition to being a reputable dentist, Dr. Read more [...]