Free Store Front on America’s Local Marketplace

10-10-10 is a Win-Win-Win for Your Store Front

No Listing Fees. No Monthly Fees. No Hidden Fees.

If You Don’t Make Money, We Don’t Make Money.

  • You Pay a Flat 10% Fee When You Sell a Product.
  • We Invest 10% of the Fee Right Back Into Participating Communities for School Fundraisers, Local Giving, Parades, Fireworks and more.
  • We Invest 10% of the Fee for Re-Marketing to Your Customers to Buy from Your Store Front Again.


Videos: Introduction to America’s Local Marketplace | No Risk Online Selling

Details & More Information

We charge a flat 10% transaction fee for products or services sold on the Main Street Marketplace.

There are no additional or hidden fees for creating your shop, listing your products, using inventory control, using SEO tools, using the coupon system, using the UPC codes or any other feature.

Shop Main Street Online provides the e-commerce platform, security, tax calculations, shipping calculations, ongoing social media marketing, search engine optimization and remarketing of your shop to your customers.

Flat Rate 10% Transaction Fee
10% of that is Donated to Your Participating Chamber of Commerce or Local Nonprofit.
10% more is used to Promote Your Local Business.

Why is this a Win-Win-Win? Your Business Wins, Your Community Wins and Your Local Economy Wins.

Your Business Wins:

You’ll find that to sell a product on Amazon, Etsy, EBay or any other marketplace, your total cost per sale will be right around 10% by the time you make a sale, so our transaction fees are very competitive. With Amazon, Etsy, EBay or other marketplaces you run the risk of losing money should your product not sell within the listing period, forcing you to spend more money to relist your product. Your product listings on Shop Main Street Online do not expire by date and we charge no listing fees to ensure that you cannot lose money.

Taking on the cost of having a custom e-commerce website designed, maintained, hosted, secured, optimized, marketed and updated is cost prohibitive for many small businesses in America, so you can shed that cost and stress by joining the rest of your community and sell on Main Street Marketplace.

Your business can proudly show that it is donating 1% of marketplace sales or 10% of your transaction fees right back to your community.

Your Community Wins:

10% is a major commitment to participating communities. 10% of transaction fees are donated to your community through participating chambers of commerce and local nonprofit organizations to improve quality of life in your own town. The more we can help your business grow with online sales, the better off everyone in your community will be through improved quality of life.

Your Local Economy Wins:

Join the rest of the businesses in your town on Main Street Marketplace and people in your town and across America will have the opportunity to buy local in one easy to find place. It’s like having open doors 24/7.

Shop Main Street Online is a privately held American business. We are head quartered in Cedarburg Wisconsin. In addition to sales and use taxes in every state, we pay our income tax to the State of Wisconsin and to the IRS for our Federal taxes.

Amazon, EBay, Etsy and every other publicly traded marketplace company online is a foreign company drawing all of their revenue out of the United States avoiding paying any State or Federal Taxes whatsoever, draining dollars away from the American economy, which hurts every American in the long run.

Out of Shop Main Street Marketplace Transaction Fees, 10% of that goes to participating local Chambers of Commerce and Nonprofit Organizations. 10% Goes to Remarketing Your Business. Where does the rest go?

39% of the transaction fees go directly to credit card and payment processing. Shop Main Street Online uses PayPal, who charges us 3.9%+ of the total of every transaction including shipping charges and tax amounts. Your business does not have to pay the payment processing in addition to transaction fees, unlike other sites, as it is included in the transaction fee.

Shop Main Street Online Shoppers enjoy a 1% cash back rewards system for all purchases made with their Main Street Money account.

The remaining 3.1% per transaction covers ongoing feature development for the marketplace, distributed cloud networking with multiple redundancies for disaster risk mitigation, site performance & scalability, security, American Federal and State tax law compliance, social media marketing and search engine optimization to continually make this a better experience for every American business and consumer.

Easy to Use Advanced E-Commerce System to Sell Online with a Customizable Seller Page, Inventory Control, UPC Codes, Cost Control, SEO Tools, Coupons, Verified Customer Reviews, Review Discounts, Events, Tickets & Registration, Tax Calculations Based on Shipping Address, Shipping Calculation Based on Package Dimensions & Weight and Much More. Start Your Free Storefront for American Small Business in 60 Seconds.

Security: Registration are only allowed from American businesses and buyers. Only .com, .net, .org, .us and .me emails are allowed for registration. Do not use, or other free email addresses. Use a strong password of 8 characters or more with a mix of characters and numbers.