100 | National Park Service

They’re yours you know? The National Park Service is 100 years old on August 25, 2016. This video will take you from 0-100.

Credit/Author: National Park Service, Mathew John

Track: Cis Minor, “Today I Am Happy, As Never Before”

Footage Provided by and Belongs to (Restricted): Florentine Films | Will & Jim Pattiz – More Than Just Parks | Jesse Rosten | Renan Ozturk -Camp 4 Collective and Entropy Boy Productions | Brand USA | Gavin Hefferman | Ryan Light Films | David Lerman | Harun Mehmedinovic- Sky Glow Project | Ian Shive – Tandem Stills + Motion | Steve Droter | Chris McKechnie | Robbins W. Barstow, Jr. Family Archives |Department of Interior | Harpers Ferry Center National Park Service | National Park Service

Special thanks: John C. Brookins, True MVMNT, Garrett Martin – VentureLife Films, Jonathan Thomason, Adrienne Norwood

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46 Thoughts to “100 | National Park Service”

  1. TimeAndChance

    NPS is under the US Dep’t of the Interior. When the NPS was founded 100 years ago, the Sec’ty of the Interior was Franklin K. Lane, originally from DeSable, Prince Edward Island colony of the British Empire. I wonder what he’d think of the NPS now?

    1. Kollin Bliss

      What do you think he’d think?

    2. TimeAndChance

      Want to hear from others…. My view is of 0 import.

    3. olddellxp

      Big business keeps trying to encroach. We need to stand strong against commercialization of our national parks. Remember the words in an old song, “pave paradise – put up a parking lot”.

  2. Astronauts 520

    Thank you for all the awesome childhood memories! My favorite is the Yellowstone. What’s your favorite National Park?

    1. Peekay Briggs

      Canyonlands. But my favorite tour was at Mesa Verde.

    2. Daniel Fields

      Badlands in South Dakota

    3. Irish Zwack

      Volcanoes Nat’l Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, closely followed by the Redwood Nat’l Park.

  3. Emina Becirovic

    at 1:41 — brilliant!

    1. NationalParkService

      Fort Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park. Timelapse by Harun Mehmedinovic.

    2. Amanda Schwartz

      +NationalParkService our national parks show the true beauty of America. There is nothing on earth like them. I’m grateful that we have preserved them. We also can’t forget our wonderful state parks too!

  4. Debra Sudtelgte

    I love our parks. We are so lucky to have access to open lands protected for ALL.

    1. Gobi Dasu

      Many people ask why the US became so successful economically. Natural wealth is rarely mentioned as an answer, compared to science/industrialization. Still natural wealth is one of the most important factors to the success of the US as a nation. Thankfully, the US managed to save some beauty through this initiative.

  5. Andrew Royce

    Angels landing @ Zion @ 1:39?

    1. Brian Davis

      Yes and the Narrows at Zion just before it at 1:20

  6. Dustin Dastrup

    Awe inspiring! The NPS can trust that I, along with many other Utahans, support the preservation and continued federal management of Utah’s extraordinary National Parks!!

  7. Robert Schaddelee

    Don’t forget about the Great Smoky Mountains. ❤️

  8. Noel Morata

    Fantastic video, this is the best time to start exploring some of the amazing 59 US national parks. I’m sharing some of my favorite park visits here

  9. Marshal Douglas Haig

    Also, something on the trending list worth watching.

  10. Samuel Meleisea

    As a park ranger from the National Park of American Samoa, the only US national park south of the equator, I was proud to see our tiny park featured in this video. Happy NPS Centennial to all and please visit YOUR national park here in the South Pacific! Check us out on FB:

    1. Jason Gablaski

      I’d love to work there! Glad to see our dogs represented from Denali.

    2. Onil

      Saw your Parks Facebook. Keep up the great work and conservation! – Thank you!

  11. Austin Craven

    Tell Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson I said hi

  12. OnTheGoWithCarson

    My favorite places on earth.

  13. stephanie larson

    im really getting tired just want regular Facebook

  14. Frank Conrad

    0-100 nigga real quick! I LOVE THIS!!!

  15. olddellxp

    Loved this. Wish they had shown more older people out enjoying the parks, not only the younger generation. Still, I loved it.

  16. Andrew Barnson

    My wife and I just returned from the Redwood National and State parks. Beautiful does not even begin to do the trip, memory, and adventure justice. Even back at work, half a country away, we probably haven’t fully returned from our trip yet. Thank you NPS, for preserving all the beautiful gems of the U.S. that you do.

  17. Mitchell Hill

    I’m an intern at Fort Sumter and I’m sending my birthday wishes to you

  18. Chris Bostwick

    Awesome !!!! Everyone should get out and “EXPLORE!!!”

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  20. Gary Morin

    Is there Audio-Description for this video?

  21. Chauncy Gilmore

    I don’t feel as I own the land when you have created so many arbitrary restrictions and fees and hoops of fire to jump through to get a backcountry permit .

  22. Chauncy Gilmore

    Don’t forget the NPS has sold your land to the U.N and its world heritage site program that uses revenue generated from these areas to pay off foreign debt .

  23. nael weiss

    camping is great!!! visit the park–so cool!!!

  24. Sravan Kumar N

    I love NPS.. you guys are so lucky to having this

  25. Martin Klepeisz

    hey guys
    I’d appreciate if anyone could help me find out what NP is shown at 0:55. thank you!

    1. B370

      Crater Lake National Park

  26. Amanda Schwartz

    Wish the NPS would buy the Adirondack state park in New York and turn it into a National Park. It’s truly one of the most amazing places in the Northeast.

  27. BISHOP298

    Dang never had a tear over two guys hugging on a mountain 1:56 ?