2002 U.S. Open Film: Tiger Tames Bethpage Black – Shop Local

2000 U.S. Open champion Tiger Woods once again displayed his prowess in golf’s ultimate test, besting the field with a strong performance at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, N.Y.

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2002 U.S. Open Film: Tiger Tames Bethpage Black  - Buy American

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15 Thoughts to “2002 U.S. Open Film: Tiger Tames Bethpage Black – Shop Local”

  1. Alberto Rodriguez


  2. 25gohabsgo

    USGA killing it with these flashback videos

    1. adampincente209

      25gohabsgo to bad Mike Davis is fucking idiot who’s reminding us with these videos how awful fox’s coverage has been. NBC was part of the greatness of this tournament, with the lose of NBC sports and the tournament being played recently on bloody goat farms, it’s lost it prestige.

  3. Seth Evans Golf

    Tiger tiger woods y’all

  4. Rocky Raccoon

    The quest for Major No. 16 starts tomorrow! Go get em Tiger!!! 🐅

  5. Paul-E G'z

    I was there Sunday, heckling the shit outta that waggling punk Sergio, camped out with almost 40 members of the FDNY.. what a weekend!!!!!

    1. Michael Amechi

      Sergio had the waggling but didn’t endear himself to the NYC crowd when he complained about being sent out to play in the rain and how Tiger got preferential treatment in similar circumstances.

    2. Paul-E G'z

      +Michael Amechi correct

    3. Paul-E G'z

      +Michael Amechi we’re leaving in 3 hrs to get on the train in NJ, final stop Farmingdale N.Y. !!!!! #GOTIGER

    4. Michael Amechi

      +Paul-E G’z There was always a buzz when Major golf came to the Tri-State area. Lived in Woodbridge, NJ back in ’02, but I’m continents away from the US now. Enjoy!

  6. Conrad Culligan

    Here at 600. 12 35 am in the morning

  7. hicks727

    27:41 mister man boobs

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