2018 U.S. Open: First Ball – Shop Local

The 118th U.S. Open Championship gets underway with Harold Varner III hitting the first tee shot at Shinnecock Hills.

2018 U.S. Open: First Ball  - Buy American

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34 Thoughts to “2018 U.S. Open: First Ball – Shop Local

  1. spitty19

    WHAT a comment 6:36 ” Unlike miss America we get to see guys get ready”

    1. Leemz100

      That never stopped Trump.

    2. James OBoyle

      spitty19 What do you expect? It’s Fox. Shitty Coverage and dipshit commentators. NBC does this event way better and have better camera work also

  2. Oliver Haynes

    C’mon Tiger!

    1. bill ding

      Not to worry, he’ll be leaving Saturday.

  3. James OBoyle

    FOX sucks ass with their Golf Coverage. After seeing it for the first time at Chambers Bay, I had trouble watching it because their camera work sucks and it was breaking over to other players too quickly.NBC knows how to broadcast this event way better and the commentators are actually talking about golf.

    1. michael carey

      Johnny is as arrogant as they come, I usually don’t watch nbc golf because of him

    2. James OBoyle

      michael carey I watch NBC predominantly for their Golf broadcasts . I’ve heard others say that too(If you want to know who’s REALLY ARROGANT…..Brandel Chambelee on the golf channel …total cocksucker). I just think that he rubs people the wrong way with the way he critiques them ….. He does have a great understanding of the golf swing however. I’m willing to bet that you’d rather listen to Johnny as opposed to the some talking heads on Fox. Faxon was ok . There was another pro as well. I forgot who it was.

    3. bill ding

      You’re all fucking morons.

  4. James OBoyle

    the golfer at 25:36 teeing off is nervous as hell…. you can tell .It looked like he nearly topped his tee shot . He rushed big time. I blame it on his basketball outfit. ?


    Hello, great lets go to watch US open

  6. dan wheeler

    bring back NBC and Johnny miller fox sucks

  7. David Miller

    Go Tiger Woods all the way you got this remember to keep believing in yourself

    1. bill ding


  8. lunymoony

    Be Jesus, after much deliberation and study of this brilliant course I’ve come to the conclusion that there can only be one winner here with certainty, and his name is Rory!!!

    1. lunymoony

      What the hell are you on about, He was so unlucky to come 2nd two weeks ago at the British PGA, on a damn tough course, the Burma road Wentworth.

    1. bill ding


  9. Unitedetruself Life


  10. Steven Roos

    Unfortunately in Australia we don’t get much coverage of these event and I must say this would have to be to worst broadcast ive seen. The camera work is second rate and I’m not even going to start on the commentary, so very disappointing.

  11. JasJones123

    Once again the USGA has showed golf fans around the world that they are not trying to identify the best player in the field but are trying to embarrass the best players in the world. The USGA once known for their ability to setup courses to find the best player in the field have once again gone over the edge with their setup and pin placements as the average score is now over 76. I expect that if the greens aren’t brought back to life with some watering or a good rain storm the winner will be posting a four round score that is over par. The USGA needs to invite the members of the PGA Tour and the PGA for input as to golf course setup and especially pin placements. The USGA is no longer the expert it claims to be, lets just hope for Shinnecock’s members sake that the USGA doesn’t ruin the greens as the USGA has done there before by not putting enough water on the greens, burning them out over the four days of the tournament proper.

    1. James OBoyle

      JasJones123 They’re determined not to let that happen again. Happened in 2004. The USGA wants a true test of golf , not a scorers paradise, you need to use your imagination to score sometimes . They are the worlds best for a reason. These greens require pinpoint placement. Good shots get rewarded. It’s a major championship most importantly

    2. JasJones123

      My concerns are two fold one is that the USGA is not involved with the majority of these players with the exception of a once a year tournament, and as such they throw out the window the 6-6-6 pin placement ratios used by the PGA Tour and the PGA. The USGA now it seems looks for the 4 hardest pin placements on each hole and then uses those for the tournament proper. I am not against a stern test, tucked pin placements or high rough. I don’t think it is proper to ask the PGA Tour player to go from that 6-6-6 to something that really has no reason behind it when it comes to pin placements. Second I once again am seeing history repeating it’s self here, there have been many years the USGA has just let greens at the Country Clubs they are in essence renting for the Open go without water to the point that come the final day pin placements became an issue of just putting them where the grass still is. The USGA sends it’s people out to Open courses years in advance of the event and in the final year prior there is a USGA turf specialist on site almost everyday and yet this year we already have greens browning and bumpy, spiking up due to the wind sucking the moisture out of them and as I said earlier I hate to see this sort of thing happen to a clubs greens. Shinnecock I am sure has one of finest staffs in the nation and if the USGA said we want to have the greens roll at 12 to 13 each day of the tournament they could handle that without stressing their greens to the point they are on the edge of dying out due to the lack of water. I have been a member of a private club and all private clubs pride themselves on their greens, most private clubs are kept to Tour standards without any help from the USGA.

  12. O. G.


    1. bill ding

      Sorry for you Matt. Try again tomorrow. And don’t drink.

    2. Matt Andersen

      bill ding elaborate

  13. emory Gooch

    This coverage is a bag of shit. If this was the BBC this coverage would be be a burnished specimen of perfection, oozing class from every angle, with commentators that know and can pronounce every name. This would be a very smooth calming affair with the BBC. Not like this bunch of fucking jokers.

  14. bill ding

    What the fuck is up with this commentary? Airheads and nitwits. Sounds like a fashion show and This is Your Life.