2018 U.S. Women’s Open: Round 3 Highlights – Shop Local

Highlights from the third round of the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open, at Shoal Creek Golf Club in Birmingham, Ala.

2018 U.S. Women's Open: Round 3 Highlights  - Buy American

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14 Thoughts to “2018 U.S. Women’s Open: Round 3 Highlights – Shop Local

  1. Jessica Lee

    Korean and korean american dominated in LPGA

    1. tawan c

      You’re right but AriyaJutanugran kicking all ass Korean bitches LMFAO

  2. jamcoombes

    Nothing more boring than a highlights package consisting almost entirely of putts.

  3. ฉันรัก เมืองไทย

    Ariya you superb

  4. tigerbalm

    these pitiful short highlights is why the LPGAA sucks is getting exposure! WTF? There is 100X more content for the men’s tour! I didn’t evben know the LPGA US opne started!

  5. วรยุทธ แก้วสีขาว


  6. Teera Charoensub

    # CheerMay

    1. Dr.Noppon Chareonsin

      Teera Charoensub ต

    2. Dr.Noppon Chareonsin


  7. Natthaporn Saokaew

    Ariya #CheerMay

  8. Ray Chau

    wtf is this? all putting?

  9. Somboon Niyutmethakul

    Amazing putts.

  10. Lance Luther

    Where are the full shots?? And why are the fucking scores so low before the final round? Wtf was the point of this video??

  11. Jeremy Leis

    Disgraceful to only have one shot from more than 20 yards out and claim this to be a highlight reel. Very disappointing.