BEST BEACH CRUISER – Firmstrong Bella Classic 7-Speed Review

In this episode of California Travel Tips, Kiera reviews the Firmstrong Bella Classic Beach Cruiser (7 Speed), which is one of the best beach cruisers you can buy if you want to tackle the hills of Laguna Beach or San Clemente, or go on longer rides for a better workout.

We ordered our bike from Beach Bikes (), a locally-owned business in Hermosa Beach where you can create a custom beach cruiser with all the bells and whistles you want. After choosing your frame and color, you can pick between a 3- and 7-speed beach cruiser. Other add-on choices include decals, fenders, seats, grips, bells, lights, baskets and surfboard racks for longboards or shortboards. The bike comes in a box and takes about an hour to assemble.

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Equipment used:
Canon EOS 70D
Sennheiser wireless mics
Go Pro Silver Kit:
SANDMARC GoPro Travel Bundle:

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