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Florida Blues – Buy American!

Florida Blues Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
One fall night in Hiltons VA, four of Virginia’s top luthiers gathered at the Carter Family Fold to play music that inspires them. These are the Carter Fold Sessions.

Fiddle – Jimmy Edmonds; Guitar – Wayne Henderson; Bass – Gerald Anderson; Mandolin — Spencer Strickland

*Popularized by Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith
*Visit the Carter Family Fold () and () to find and experience the best in authentic, Virginia music.

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6 Thoughts to “Florida Blues – Buy American!”

  1. Shenesa Williams

    Subscribed just b/c of this song! I <3
    Keep it up you guys!!!
    Much love from Jacksonville, FL

  2. GrnEyed81

    Love it – like She Will I’m in FL too, but my man is back home in Central VA playing traditional BG 3+ times a week (takin’ care of parents). So missing home now…great job and always loved my visits to the home of true music….

  3. Garrett Moore

    This is one fine version. Thanks for posting.

  4. B Jones

    Great playing gentlemen! Great tune –  Bob Jones

  5. John Tait

    Absolutely excellent musicianship. A joy to listen to.