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61 Thoughts to “10 Things You Can Only Do on Guam”

  1. Jose Murel Cabral

    I live in Guam yay

    1. PC chengman

      Mudkip Boy you must be fat

    2. Denny Gorman

      Mudkip Boy you must be fat

    3. Copycatcian !!!!


    4. Vote Blue

      douglas mystery
      NK has been threatening Guam for decades.

    5. XXXNARUTO gamer

      I live there too

  2. Katrina Concepcion

    I was raised there its BEAUTIFUL

    1. AB 100

      Soo Kawaii I live in Hawaii I’ll trade you ?

  3. Bobbie Maguadog

    I am from guam

    1. Orange Blurr

      Bobbie Maguadog hello my fellow American

  4. Richard Bersamin

    me too I live in guam

  5. Jim Heeren

    This video is for potential tourists right, why is the whole comment section full of people claiming they are from Guam. Good for you guys but not very important

    1. Kognito Loop

      I’m a tourist heading to Guam next week. I’m looking forward to it but not one of the 10 is only doable in Guam.

    2. Harold Hutchinson

      Kognito Loop – But there is ONLY ONE “Mariana’s Trench” the deepest water in the ocean.

    3. Pimpa Licious

      You should shave that mustache man, it’s a little rapey looking

    4. Gigi S

      Why can’t we express our island it is very important because you are visiting our island

    5. TheRandomDooDoo /RM's future Wife

      Why is it not important? It makes us happy that people are spreading word about our island?

  6. No Name

    Olive inguam – Coconut crabs are endangered, leave them be

  7. opticschief

    It’s ok, but a bit light on real info (I lived there for 2 years)

  8. Jayven John

    i m born in Guam but only there until I was 2


    does guam have gun laws

    1. Joshua Blackwood

      juggalo4life_91 “United States Oversees territory”


      thank you 🙂

  10. thor7789

    If you ate a piece of Guam earth, you would be chewing Guam.

    1. Gianni Rivera

      underrated comment

    2. Hiram Bright

      thor7789 yes, but can you walk and chew Guam at the same time?

  11. trix7one

    Fuck I miss this island paradise! Well I love and hate it. The people are what make Guam the best!

  12. Rolling Guy #1

    Why so many dislikes? These are all literally things you can only do in the region.

  13. Sterling Crisostomo

    671 boy

  14. iamvexx

    Why is every1 saying they r from Guam

    1. Aidentrex

      I That’s where i live.

    2. TheRandomDooDoo /RM's future Wife

      Because we are from here

  15. Jess Vagnar

    Damnit, I wanted to start at number 7.

  16. Ava Taitano


  17. D'Brickashaw

    An American col9ny

  18. annette barlette

    Wish I was there,to once more see the beauty.

  19. Tupac's Step Sister

    wendover productions?

    1. Filip

      Tupac’s Step Sister yup. I came here from him lol.

    2. RedCitadel Dummy

      Filip SWBF same lol.

  20. Tupac's Step Sister (1234locoman)

    wendover productions?

  21. Hermesalv Alvar

    it show pictures, why not video? poor publicity

  22. Brett O'Berry

    Geckos everywhere…

  23. Reverend Al

    full of creepy brown tree snakes.

    1. Nodto Modley

      I’ve lived on this island for nearly 20 years now and I’ve only seen like four, and two of them were beyond dead.

  24. Paul Marado

    Guam was an incredible 18 months during my military service. I’d love to go back. During the non rainy season of course.

  25. Khalil Mishref

    Yea this is stupid, I can do many of these outside of guam

  26. Chicken Nuggets

    Yea this is stupid, I can do many of these outside of guam

  27. On 2Wheels

    You forgot about all the trash. I never understand how people there have “Respect the Locals!” stickers on their vehicles and the whole island has trash just behind the treeline or high grass…

    1. Jhinu Jung

      Hmm… When I went to Guam last year, it didn’t look that bad… To me, it looked clean enough…

  28. echelon2k8

    NK will probably end up nuking this place one day. 🙁

  29. City Hospital

    very nice place

  30. John Doe

    I don’t live in Guam, but I once lived in a wigwam!

  31. the original kayla

    Sorry to yunno interrupt yall but stg. But I’m from Guam born & raise so we chamorros && to Guamanians don’t need your stink ass attitude of yours ? … Y’all should just go back to your life’s instead of tryna bring us “down” & we didn’t ask for yall to care .. we have families & friends to care instead of ya ?

  32. Aidentrex

    Thats where i live : )

  33. beach please

    I’m not from Guam..
    I’ve never been to Guam..

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