Guam: American Soil, Chamorro Soul (Official Trailer)



“American Soil, Chamorro Soul” is a modern documentary film about the people of Guam. Through interviews, the film reveals what Chamorro culture means in 2015 as three generations of Chamorro people describe the cultural Renaissance in arts, agriculture, and sailing.

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Producer & Director: Jessica Peterson (
Cinematographer & Editor: Brandon Li (

Learn more about the film at The Guam Culture Guide. (
Learn more about Guam at The Guam Guide. (

This film made possible by the generous support of these sponsors:

Docomo Pacific, Associate Producer (
The Plaza Shopping Center (
The Guam Guide (
Farm to Table Guam (
Pacific Star Resort (
Dusit Thani Guam (
Coast360 (

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12 Thoughts to “Guam: American Soil, Chamorro Soul (Official Trailer)”

  1. iRepGuam

    I never heard the expression “Chamorros are wannabe Hawaiians” and I’ve been living on Oahu for more than 6 years.

    1. Sagittarius

      You’ll hear that mostly online.

    2. Sagittarius

      You’ll mostly hear of it online on certain youtube videos and on certain websites where Chamorro’s have been called Wannabee Hawaiians,Asians and even being called Filipinos from some online haters who are really stupid and have no brains…..I am very defensive when it comes to our People,Culture,Language and Land,because we are a very small minority in this World and our People and Islands are not well known,so I voice out to correct others on who we are and where were from so we do not become mis-labeled or lumped together with another group of people or country that’s not our own…Living in the U.S Mainland I constantly have to tell people what ethnic group I am and where I come from,because out here they only know White,Black,Hispanic,Asian or Native American,I rarely come across people who know what Pacific Islanders are,and even worst most people don’t know what’s a Chamorro or a Guamanian,so that’s why i’m very vocal online when necessary…I’m glad your treated well on the Big Island,because I always have respect for Hawaiians and other Islanders as well.

    3. Island boy

      Jcr12976 Much love, I respect you a lot, We chamorros are strong and we islanders are all one, Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan we are all ONE


    Really want to see this film. I believe what have been done to Chamoru people throughout the ages is tragic. Imagine if we turn the hands of time, the Chamoru culture and people were saved from all the colonial actors, what a colorful culture and place we would have in Micronesia. This would be awesome, because Chamorrus are strong and will bring back the glory days.

    1. Island boy

      OLDIAIS DIGITAL SHARES hell yeah, much love chelu


    Really excited ! Finally … We needed this πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  4. antje tautkus

    true..! thnX

  5. Isabel Palomo

    cannot wait to see this! gave me goosebumps with just the trailer, imagine the full video.

    1. Jaylene Hawkins

      Trust me it’s beatiful

  6. Island Style

    I am proud to be Chamorro as many are proud of their own! We are perceived in so many different manners, but what matters most is how we perceive one another. As a culture, we are humble at heart. We are stubbornly known for our pride because we are constantly put in a situation to defend our own. Like in the stories of our discovery by the Spanish, we were perceived in a manner assumed by one groups actions, but weren’t really seen for what we really are and what we stand for, but unfortunately that was the impression made. I, like so many others still stand proud! Our Island today is so diverse in its communities, many who are forgetting our cultures and our ways, the younger generations especially. As parents, we should pass on our heritage. No matter where we are. Remember where we’re from and what our ancestors were all about. We are indigenous! We are Chamoru! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  7. ray dunlap

    loves live in tumon wonder

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