Welcome to Guam


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488 Thoughts to “Welcome to Guam”

  1. Rose Griffiths

    I believe the video meant the total population of 160,000, not all of which are native Chamorros. Enjoyed this video very much.

  2. Big Chief Gaming

    Yeah too bad Spain’s armed forces arn’t capable of capturing it back, sorry…

  3. Big Chief Gaming

    I love Guam, My grandfather was from Agat.

  4. Big Chief Gaming

    You sure about that, most of my family is Guamanian and there proud to be American, My grandfather was in the US armed forces and so were many of his friends and family, There a nation state, That measns they still make there own laws they still have all the freedom they did had before it came under American control and that they wan’t to be spanish, Yeah sure, Why don’t you let the Guamanians deside that for them selfs not you… Cheers!

  5. Big Chief Gaming

    Fuck you too…

  6. mxkxylplk

    i’m half white so I don’t speak on behalf of people with European background or American but as one of the Guamanian citizens who was born & raised there & is now thinking of moving back: The Spanish contributed many things for the native Chamorro back in the late 15th Century including language, religion, & cuisine similar to Mexican & Filipino dishes (two countries which Spain ruled). After1898 post-Spain, many of the Chamorro still held on to Spanish customs which to this day still exists.

  7. mxkxylplk

    they’ve held on to that for many centuries now & I don’t think they’re ever gonna forget it regardless who they pledge their allegiance to. You can’t just discredit the US when they liberated them during WW2 and then built their infrastructure including hospitals, roadways, schools, a university, general stores & housing. If Spain wanted it so badly it would’ve done something by now. But as I said, the Spanish tradition has never left the natives even though it’s under US territory now.

  8. mxkxylplk

    so I think with a blend of native Chamorro, Spainsh and American cultures mixed in, we can agree that it has everything good for an island country in this new century.and that all is welcome. Nosotros hermanos y todo.

  9. inhasu671

    nice video…..

  10. Patricia Walker

    Thank you for bringing Guam to me. I really miss home. I have been gone for over 15 years. Thank once again.

  11. ViciousMB3

    Heard they kill tourists for no reason,mark guam off my list.

  12. Kawaii Anin

    I miss guam so much. I’ve been away from it for 3 years. It was a perfect place… :’)

  13. chamorritagirrl

    This video is the best! Although it makes me homesick, I am truly PROUD of our beautiful island! I hope to take my kids back soon, God willing! Si Yu’us Ma’ase!!

  14. Minnie Manalo

    beautiful island og Guam U.S.A.

  15. Honey0269

    About the best presentation of my island, GUAM! I really enjoyed the historical aspect about GUAM.

  16. Ada B

    I was a little girl when I lived there and I absolutely miss it. The natives are so welcoming and hospitable. And the food, omg… the best..

  17. TiBossII

    I miss GUAM sooooooooooooooo much…spent the change of the millennium on Tarague Beach…

  18. Gregory Broyles

    Haven’t been to Guam since 1974. Best year of my life, nicest people, best food. One day I will return. Such a beautiful place!

  19. Afrocanuk

    I would prefer to visit Guam rather than the continental U.S.

  20. supertama1000

    You’re an idoit.

  21. น้าหนวด ฮิปโปใจดี

    ^^ ประเทศน่าไปเที่ยวมากครับ.

  22. The Sounds of the Suburbs

    The USA’s Paradise!

  23. Eric Deplata

    Don’t come then.

  24. Eric Deplata

    Because in Guam, local guys like myself wouldn’t let a guy hurt a girl ever.

  25. Eric Deplata

    If I saw a guy hurting a girl, I send his ass to the hospital.

  26. Prince_gJoseph

    wow you’re that stupid huh?
    you think we are like that? You are sir are an idiot!!!

  27. rafael13atx

    I want to go to Guam!

  28. Sam Z

    Guam Sucks.

  29. SupaNami

    Don’t go to Guam .. it will capsize soon!! Help save Guam and do not go there!!

    I’m Rep. Hank Johnson(D) and i approve this message..

  30. Da Tru Mate

    Guam Faces too much competition from Hawaii, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands

  31. Hotpepper671

    Great video!

  32. adrienne trottier

    if you are a democrat-we approve any/all efforts to remove you from office asap!election in 2014 should do it!

  33. SupaNami

    Please remove me from office .. i do need help … my name is Hank Johnson (D) from the ATL …and i think Islands float!!

  34. Gavin Felarca


  35. stan krueber

    if you come to guam,watch out for the dirty cops!!!

  36. Ethan's and Jays life

    Stupid why did you say that

  37. Tracy Allen

    I enjoyed this video. Very beautiful. I’m excited that my daughter will be stationed there soon. Her dad has been there when he was in the navy. I will definitely visit someday for sure! Thanks for the info.

  38. Eric Deplata

    I was born on Guam, and I don’t give a crap about them. I didn’t brake any law.

  39. Eric Deplata

    I just want to say, if you come. Welcome to Guam.

  40. stan krueber

    then take down this bullshit video. majority of the island is racist,they hurt and disrespect others everyday. this is false advertising. there are many tourist that have been assaulted,harassed or raped,and murdered. I’m spreading the word out to the viewers. READ BEFORE DELETE!

  41. Eric Deplata

    And I also feel sorry for the tourist also. I maybe born on Guam, but I’m not one of those locals that do bad. And by the way I didn’t put this video up, Look at the user who did this, not me.

  42. Eric Deplata

    That’s why sometimes, I don’t like the outsiders, because they think that the locals are bad. But they’re wrong.

  43. Tracy Allen

    Thank you Eric! I will tell her to look out for you and say “Hello”! 🙂

  44. guambetty

    I was born and raised on the island, and was never offended that my husband called it “The Rock” !!  LOL

  45. Dave Wasmer

    I want to visit Guam before the U.S. capsizes the island.  I’ll be the Democrat wearing a life preserver and hugging my rubber ducky. See you soon!

  46. Michael Mcdowell

    My staff sergeant was stationed in Guam for a few years. He told me some things about his extended stay. This was back in 2003 when I was still in The USAF. I was stationed in the U.K.
    He said the Base takes up a large portion of the island. But it was like living in paradise

    1. Dynamite Kid

      Guam is so cool

  47. mydogs rule

    My family’s from Guam <3

  48. Atalia DC

    I miss guam 🙁

  49. Maria Teresa

    I didn’t see any birds in this video.  When society reads stories about Guam, many are associated with the brown snake infestation.  How do residents deal with that?  And now spiders are being said to overrun the place?  Apparently due to the snakes wiping out all the birds.  Don’t snakes have natural predators that won’t injure the indigenous population or affect the eco system?  I hear they are dropping dead mice filled with Tylenol there…good luck. 


      Cool he he the only thing this island has are stupid ass peeps committing crimes lol

    2. Corinne Bunn

      +GSHOCK GUAM Nice way to narrow an entire culture down to one idiotic statement. 

    3. Ironmonkey103

      There snake problem will never end. You will still see them coiled on the shower curtain as you are showering. You will still find them coiled in your clothes as they are hanging outside to dry. And most importantly, be sure to check the toilet before sitting as there may be one there as well. LOL, my dad would wake, go to the bathroom and not turn on a light. Then as he was sitting twice, a snake started slithering out. There went all the house hold chemicals as he tried flushing it down the toilet thinking he might kill another if it was there. I can deal with a rattle snake much easier then the snakes on Guam. Those snakes there seem very aggressive. 🙂


      wtf ironmonkey brown tree arent aggressive

    5. Ironmonkey103

      +GSHOCK GUAM                        LOL, i said they seem. I’m sure if u wanted to pet 1, it would let you. I’m estimating that i had probably killed 30 to 40 snakes when i lived there. I was trying to be somewhat funny but not. Just that there so god damn ugly. and they didn’t always just slither away as you would approach them. I also remember watching KUAM news having a few articles on the snakes crawling into a babies crib and biting the babies hand. I also remember the huge snail problem we had there in the early 70’s. A type of parasite was brought in and was very successful at destroying them. Now if they can do the same with the snake problem there.                

  50. Corinne Bunn

    While the majority of comments have been positive, there are a few jerks who over generalize, exaggerate or outright lie. We don’t kill tourists as a habit, the majority of cops are honest just like the rest of the US, and any place you live is what you make of it. There are good people and bad everywhere on this earth. I lived on Guam for 29 years and if I wasn’t living in Mexico, that’s where I would be. It is far more dangerous to live in the continental US with daily kidnappings and murders, mass shootings, and gang activity. I love you Guam! 

    1. panelolli

      How´s the population divided, are there mostly asian looking people or is there a latino population as well?

    2. jonny clipper

      Mass shootings? What the fuck are you talking about?

    3. Josco31

      Are there any pointers you can offer a potential newbie to Guam?

    4. Massimiliano Massarenti

      +Corinne Lopez Your remark is flawless.

  51. Elizabeth Villanueva

    GUAM born and raised I wish I can go back lived there all my life such a beautiful place kind people as if we are in paradise. Amazing sun rise long walks on the beach the hotels are amazing I miss Guam(:

  52. Regino Santos

    The don’t want to show you the bad parts of Guam cuz its bad for Guam but the public schools are horrible the teachers have to buy supplys with there own money no the schools money and a kid can expect to be bullied sexually harrassed and beaten up I’m moving to Guam for a while and I’m chamoru but raised in America and my parents told me how bad it is at public school from their own experience and ten years in Guam is goona be the worst.

    1. Corinne Bunn

      I hope you can be open-minded, because it sounds like your all set to hate it from the start. It’s what you make it. You can enjoy the island life and be happy or you can complain about everything it’s not and be miserable.

    2. Emma Fetherman

      Are you kidding me? Guam is NOT like that. Guam is my childhood home, and I was NEVER bullied in any way. Nor raped. Geez.

    3. Jom Pogi

      That is why you go to Guam High School which is mostly a private school but overall I think its way better to visit there for vacations than live there though.. Just my opinion. Although I wanna go back because I live in SC and it sucks

    4. Jessie Matsumiya

      My sister was in high school in Guam and graduated. Not one fight did I hear from her. There maybe a few, but I hope nothing as bad as that. Look at high school fights in America, they’re bad. I go to high school here in NC and there was 4 fights in one week.

    5. Corinne Bunn

      Your school experience is usually what you make of it, with some exceptions, like being bullied or living in a ghetto. I taught at public schools on Guam for many years. Students graduate and go on to college. The 99% of teachers were dedicated and went the extra mile. Sure there can be improvements, but the person who posted all that negativity, probably just came in with a bad idea of Guam from the start. There is nothing you can do with that kind of attitude.

  53. John John


  54. ArchieStackz 1K Definitely Not localboi671

    Dang i want to go back to learn more chammoro and the society! Inalahan (Inarajan) is where im from to!

  55. Slay Child

    Be fare warned white people.  You are not liked on the island!  I lived there for 4 years and went to school there and had nothing but issues with the locals.  They will call you Haole.  To me it is a derogatory term to white people.  Just like calling a person of color the N word.  But not all Chamorro’s are like this.  Just most!

    1. Hey Stopthat

      Slay Child funny they call you Haole, which is a word from the Hawaiian language. All Guam an Ian’s do is bite off other cultures.

    2. Zsolt Papp

      It’s not about your color. I am from an all-white country and i would not say american tourists are liked here. Of course some of them is all right some of them is too loud ignorant idiot who does not know how people behave in civilized countries haha.

    3. Sagittarius

      To(charlenes hughes-peseta) It’s called cultural influence or exposure…..In Hawaii don’t they have outside influence from other cultures as well????

    4. Anthony Wijaya

      In Indonesia we all call you “Bule”. You mad?

  56. Shane McCauley

    This is my home/heart.  I fly the Guam flag in my classroom in Texas.  Born and bred for 19 years – Simon Sanchez 92!  This was a wonderful video.  I will be back to bring my kids so they know too.  

    1. Harold Hutchinson

      Shane McCauley – Shane I agree. I only spent one year (6th grade) there but it was awesome. Since then I’ve lived in Washington state, California, Utah & Arizona and traveled through most of the Western states. I can’t count the hundreds of Guam stickers I’ve seen attached to glass or bumpers. For a little island in the South Pacific, there sure are a lot of people who have been there. And I’ve even run into Chamaro who decided to move stateside. All the best to you.

  57. Eric Deplata

    Beautiful beaches, cool restaurants, cool looking water parks, going surfing, and able to jog. (Exercising) It’s pretty cool, for a small island, I should know, because I was born on Guam.

  58. Eric Deplata

    Some Sinahi necklace’s cost about $600 dollars. (The big ones) very valuable.

  59. Ray Pangelinan

    Honestly I was born on guam 1993 and in 2010 I moved to san diego with my uncle and now currently we live in utah growing up I made some really good friends and when I went back may of 2013 my friends welcomed me back with a warm setting like I’ve never left they never treated me differently also I went to a random party and the people at the party welcomed me like if I was in their family and they asked me if ate like 5 times lol also I saying is that I really liked the hospitality and im proud to be chamorro

    1. Mark OnTheBlueRidge

      There’s something called, “punctuation”. Look into it.

    2. Charlie Ennis

      SD represent.

  60. James B

    Great place for a relaxing holiday. I found the people to be very friendly and kind.

  61. Ezekiel Lozada

    I wonder how Canada will react 😛

  62. Maklmor

    I live in guam i know weaving stick dancing and Chamorro language

    1. tindiku kun

      Maklmor do you want a medal?

    2. Kassidy Arriola

      no need to be rude lol and at least he is proud of our culture

    3. Jack Arbiter

      pretty bad culture shoving Catholicism down everyone’s throats

    4. V_styles

      Jack Arbiter who’s doing that? 😕

    5. jb coching

      +Kassidy Arriola i like your surname

  63. Focus Cast

    im all chamorro livin in tumon

  64. Reianah Perez

    Pia mia brought me

  65. Renysha Babauta

    I miss Guam and all u people saying its bad well its not I was born and raised there people there r not bad the schools r not bad I nevered got bullied there its just a beautiful island ♥♥♥♥♥ miss home

  66. Victor Michoacano.

    Yo Amo Guam 🙂

  67. Armis Game

    Armis is already in Guam.  

  68. Jim Edds

    Would rather live on Guam that anywhere in the US – easily.

    1. liberty2011able

      +Jim Edds I can see why you feel that way. Life is just getting worse here in the mainland US. People are always competing with each other for jobs and they look down on anyone who’s unemployed and/or homeless.

    2. Darnese Craig


    3. liberty2011able

      +Darnese Craig What is that supposed to mean?

  69. abdullah alshehri

    هلا بغوام

    ما عرفنا بكم الا تركي العجمة ههههههه

  70. Becca A

    My great grandfather was born and raised on Guam and now I really wanna go there! I’m like 10% or something like that! Once I get enough money I wanna go on a nice vacation there and bring my nana who is 50% yet has never been but she makes good food from Guam recipe books!

    1. Becca A

      i have like a small connection i have family who live there 

    2. Sangyoon Kim

      I was just planning on going but the tickets tooo pricey. It is 2016 now I hope you got your trip!

  71. Chey Marie

    Guam is like Hawaii

    1. Xxnan xx xyz

      Chey Marie no its not

    2. Anthony Wijaya

      11 12!

    3. Sunil Ipe

      NO hawaii is best, am indian. Try andamans india

    4. MJMJ Is Matthew

      Chey Marie But Guam is better

  72. Eric Deplata

    1. Talofofo First Beach (The beach I know, that’s always clean, since I was a kid.)
    2. Ipan Public Beach
    3. Tumon Gun Beach (Clean)
    4. Fai Fai Beach (Clean)
    5. Piti Family Beach

  73. MsMimo07

    Why is Guam so well developed and American Samoa isnt?

  74. r e y a w a v e

    My chamorro family own a beach

  75. buzz

    I live in Guam and everything is great. Whoever thought of those rumors (brown tree snakes practically taking over Guam, killing tourists, mean locals, etcetera.) are just rumors. Sure there are some brown tree snakes here, but theyre not taking over Guam. Ive been here ever since I was little and Ive never seen one in my entire life. And a lot of locals over here are kind hearted. Its much worser over there in the US than over here in Guam. With the kidnappings and all.

    1. RitzChips Rita

      Actually the brown tree snakes are killing our native bird the Koco bird

    2. Roberto Smith

      you’re cute

    3. Jose Moreno

      buzz what about the meth problem in guam?

    4. Tyler Durden

      When I was there in the late nineties those snakes were everywhere. Was briefly assigned to the AF base. I remember lots of snakes. It wasn’t a big deal to me personally. I know they’re an invasive species though, and really bad for the ecology. I recall being told there was about ten thousand per square mile. Don’t know if that’s true. Sounds a bit excessive.

  76. WasayEntertainment WE

    marami christian sa guam?

  77. Janice Duarte

    I live in Guam

  78. D World

    Guam is a hidden Pacific jewel, but far….

  79. odinese nwad

    I never knew dat there was a country called Guam

    1. Eric Deplata

      But it’s a long history though about Guam.

    2. Skelly

      +odinese nwad Its technically belonged to nobody it used to be owned by the jappensese but then america took guam and to this day america does not technically own it Guam is just Guam It is considered a U.S territory because they use american currency so? the answer is guam belongs to Guam!

    3. Skelly

      +Eric Deplata I know what your thinking you posted this a while ago well…. Today hawaii has been abused by tourist they pollute they constantly put buildings up and guam is a lot more natural I`ve been to guam I’m have guammanion and i love it you should consider a vacation there

    4. Skelly

      +Eric Deplata ikr

    5. Rich Hick

      +odinese nwad

      Guam uses the US dollar as their currency and uses the US postal service, they’re part of the US…

  80. ミラーレイラ

    I’d love to visit Guam! It’s a beautiful country!

  81. Montie Calvin

    I was very offended by the responses given by the racist a-holes on the beach.grow up you morons.

  82. Bob Harris

    I was stationed on Guam from Nov ’47-Mar ’49. I was at Harmon Field. Took a A&E course at Northwest Field, a fighter base; North Field the Bomber Base. B-29’s. At dusk 2 C-47’s would fly wing tip to wing tip at tree top level spraying for mosguitos. There were still Japs in the hills that didn’t know the war was over. We were only allowed to remain on the island for 18 months; longer would mean longer isolation from the “real world”. The Island was war-torn then but is beautiful now. I’m sure you can stay longer than 18 months now. At one time, I once passed this way.
    Robert E. Harris

    1. Brian Borowski

      I enjoyed 3 years there.

    2. Peggy Kravig

      I watched your video. It makes me want to go there for a vacation.

    3. Eric Deplata

      +Peggy Kravig Trust me, Guam is a beautiful island that almost looks like a mini Hawaii. One more thing. Welcome To Guam! *Thumbs Up*

  83. Bob Harris

    The Island was war-torn then but is beautiful now.
    Robert E. Harris

  84. manmachine30

    Worked in Guam for 2 months! It was great , food was awesome but I got fat:). I hope some day I’ll go back.

  85. Eric Deplata

    Glad to be born on Guam.

  86. JDMbyBlood

    I lived in Guam 78-80. Dad was in the Navy. lived in New Apra Heights. (I think thats what it was called.) 🙂

    1. Dave

      +JDMbyBlood I lived in Apra Heights through the 60’s. #3 Almagosa Circle. The older houses have all been bulldozed and rebuilt. (not Almagosa)

  87. Toast

    here from last week tonight with john oliver

  88. RitzChips Rita


  89. Ken SnP9

    i was in Guam 2 year ago, i never comeback there again…. TO MUCH SPIDER

  90. Grunge LovR

    Guam has nothing to do with the US. They`re not American. Guam is an extension of the US. It`s a very different culture. Lot of corruption and primitive people. 
    We can compare Guam with Malaysia. Take a look at the flag of Malaysia. It`s very similar to the US flag because of what happened in the history but don`t go in Malaysia thinking you`re going in the USA lol. It`s a Muslim country and they apply the sharia law. See Guam as an half civilized country.

    1. Stacey Guerrero

      +Grunge LovR I get what you’re saying but Guam is not a “half civilized” country. As far as i know Guam is just as developed as any other city in the U.S.

    2. Nodto Modley

      As an American who happens to hail from Guam I heavily disagree.

  91. Jan Cr

    Missed my home.

  92. Hayz 671

    I miss my home

  93. Jacob Meyers

    guam sop

  94. Epa Pon Sinser

    The first line is funny. Sorry.

  95. Diyar Firat Aydin


  96. Kona Bois Bang

    Guam is fake. Their culture is taken from all the other islands and put all together and they say thats their culture. Guam is full of filipinos claiming to be chamorros. And everybody there act like they’re hawaiians.

    1. V_styles

      Kona Bois Bang You’re kind of right, but wrong on the Hawaiian rubbish. Guam doesn’t care about Hawaii.
      It’s true the majority of Guamanians are Philippinos.

    2. Anthony Wijaya


    3. Sunil Ipe

      They look like japanese to me am indian.

    4. jay Coy

      I just wonder why their surname and looks same with Filipino’s. I’m thinking that maybe guam was a part of the Philippines before 😂 it’s interesting!

    5. Franky-lynn Rosario

      Miri M what do you mean we had choice?! people came to our peaceful Island and invaded us. mixing up our language and wiping out half of our existence. How is that a choice?

  97. Gen3ralGrimReaper

    I just fucked a Guamanian chick not long ago lol. My first foreigner I fucked

    1. Secret Squirrel

      Gen3ralGrimReaper You are absolutely retarded. You mean the first chamorrita girl that you had sex with.Racist pig.

    2. V_styles

      *eyeball rolll


    3. Sam Tube

      Gen3ralGrimReaper how was her Pussy .

    4. Chico Goodguys

      I Think he said he fuck CHUUKESE and call Guamanian Aug2017-14

    5. Badrul Azmier

      BANGANG.. u fucked an American.

  98. Cherish Faleono

    Is this even a real island? I’m Polynesian and have never heard anything about Guam or even know one thing about their culture! Tbh, it looks like a mini Hawaii where Asians claim to be Islanders.

    1. Cherish Faleono

      +John Tuckey Wow, Awesome! Have you ever visited? 

    2. Enrique Baza

      what an ignorant comment. you need to open your mind and learn. Guam is an important territory of the USA. Its where Americas day begins.

    3. Enrique Baza

      Filipino ties? Filipinos are all over the world you ignorant prick. the indigenous people of Guam are called “Chamorros” and people who call Guam home are “Guamanians”

    4. Cherish Faleono

      wow, attacking someone to get your message across is not going to teach anyone anything. see how first person conducted to conversation VS how you destroyed it. grow up.

    5. Kam _

      All pacific islanders across Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia descended from east asia .

  99. TheUnbreakableWolf221

    it sounds awesome and pretty! no wonder i was born there!

    it sounds amazing and i want to go there so badly now!

  100. RitzChips Rita

    GUAM is an awesome island you guys should come visit the island
    I like to go to the water parks an gabgab

  101. Varathan Nagulendran


  102. Cornerstone English Institute Nicaragua


  103. Dave

    My family Got on a WW2 navy troop transport and moved to Guam in 1957. I was almost 2 years old and don’t remember the trip. All my memories begin there. Both of my parents worked civil service (PWC telephone). My dad got sick and the doctors at GMH(Get Me to Hawaii) couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him so he flew to the big island (USA). Terminal cancer. I had to leave. The first half of my life(30 years), and now I live in a city (ugh). The second half of my life has been 30 years of being homesick. I warn everybody to be careful. If you go there you could fall in love with Guam and never want to leave.

  104. Eduardo Lujan

    is very very ugly

    1. Xxnan xx xyz

      Eduardo Lujan how do you know it’s ugly have you seen the places case I have it boot full place and I you don’t think so you just fuuked up

  105. Benja S.H

    felicidades es una isla bien bonita lastima que no puedo hablar ingles pero realment me gusto el reportaje saludos desde Guatemala CA

  106. Gamingwith Jay

    I live in Guam and the place you wanna visit is Tao Tao tasi it’s a beach and Ypoa it’s a calm beach I been there twice and it’s beautiful so visit our Island today or later and bring a Guam map to look and see Guam also bring extra money there’s places you really want to see and our chamorro village it show you chamorro style And some food too but I think then sell chamorro food.So Visit our Island you will learn our language from chamorro people I think…

  107. Creampuff Dreemurr

    I wish I wanna go there….

  108. Michael Hanbury

    I’m going to be stationed here… God help me.

  109. Your Average High School Baseball Player.

    +RLCML Cookie. wow didn’t expect to find you on this video <3 (yeah I'm American she is Guamanian, and Chamois and some other things xD)

  110. Your Average High School Baseball Player.

    My girlfriend lives here… She really wants to visit me in the U.S. lol.

  111. Luis Diego Thomas Vargas

    Really is a beautiful place, a piece of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, its people are a mix of Chamorros, the Spanish, the Mexican native, also Filipinos, with much influencia of American culture, really a very interesting place, regards from Costa Rica, in Latin America…

    1. Anthony Wijaya

      Thank you!

    2. jb coching

      kick those filipino out of guam immediately.

    3. Anthony Wijaya

      jb coching F*** you racist

    4. jb coching

      Anthony Wijaya im filipino. im just saying what the native of guam is feeling they dont want filipinos there anymore.

    5. Anthony Wijaya

      Why? I’m Indonesian but I love the Filipinos. We all are brothers and sisters.

  112. Henry Washington

    Im Half black, half guamanian. My mother was born and raised there. I’m 40 and never been there. I’m scared of planes and that’s to much water to drink if something happens. Here in SoCal everyone thinks im a dark illegal mexican. I’ve been to Catalina Island

  113. Kevin Sannicolas

    I was born and raised on Guam. It is a beautiful island

  114. John Byrne

    I learned so much  about  Guam          THANK  YOU

  115. Chicken baby Productions

    I love Guam I even live there and it’s really fun tumon is the down town fun pls come to guam

  116. Roberto Pelino

    It’s amazing how this video is structured and recent comments ultimately show the most common attribute of Guam: hypocrisy.  Guam is a beautiful island with intrinsic military value and amazing wealth relative to the very small population (imagine a small town in the Midwest). However poverty is abundant while the local government is praised as royalty (Sadly the Treasury of Guam will never answer why they have failed at managing there own infrastructure). Even more outrageous is how the military is selectively endorsed on Guam. Are you an active duty Navy Sailor? Marine? Air Force member? Your pretty much considered infidels and associated with a military agenda to build up and destroy the local populace of Guam. Are you a member of the local National Guard? Your essentially the focal point of veteran holidays (History is not relevant here). Let’s return to the word “hypocrisy” once more: The most robust contributor to the island of Guam (search section 30 funds) is the federal government yet ironically the idea of a government not born from Guam has been demonized. Ultimately Guam will not be visited by many from the United Stated (Search airfares that even touch Guam compared to your options) unless you really have a need to be here or you are Japanese. Guam is ultimately a land of “handouts” and “injustice” for those with “a will to succeed” and want to work for their future and of course don’t inherit power or money as all born on Guam are granted American citizenship at birth.

    1. Roberto Pelino

      +bruce leroux Mr. Leroux (I assume both our posted names are fictional) I failed to see how your reply addresses a single concern I voiced. I also fail to see how the Philippines, Mexico, Haiti, and the Ivory Coast have any similarities to Guam regarding politics and more importantly population size and economics (the smallest population in your list has over 10 million people while the largest Mexico: over 120 million). The general consensus I find is Guam has roughly 160,000 residents who (unlike the countries in your list) enjoy a plethora of benefits as U.S. citizens or even have a fraction of a relationship with a veteran and military service. At the end of the day my point remains that Guam is a land of poor leadership, complacency, and hypocrisy. Rationalize this: If a sample of section 30 funds paid to Gov Guam in 2014 was in fact around 111 Million, I fail to see how this amount of money has been managed to benefit the infrastructure of Guam for such a small population (Although thank goodness Gov Guam’s tax refunds can be paid with money from the U.S. Federal Government..). However, there is one comment I have regarding your last statement regarding media coverage of Guam’s problems. Quite frankly you don’t hear about the corruption of Guam on a larger scale because it far from the visibility of the tax payers ultimately supporting Guam’s bizarre accounting practices and handouts to locals who have no incentive to bite the hand that is giving them “handouts” (Although the Active Duty stationed on Guam see it everyday when they pay excessive and quasi-managed utility bills to companies that display Gov Guam’s (GTA, GPA, GWA) Label and ultimately incompetence on a painfully frequent basis. As for my own conclusions, unfortunately I cannot relate to your comment, “Thank goodness for us!” However, to me it is obvious who should be thankful at the end of the day.

    2. bruce leroux

      +Roberto Pelino

      Mr. Pelino, thanks for your reply. Let me explain my points, so maybe, it will shed some light on you. Firstly, please excuse my lack of candor as I on occasion been identified of being brutally honest.

      You are guilty of doing what many people have done in the past, so they can make their argument more stronger.

      The mistake you have made is that you have identified Guam as a sovereign Nation, even though you have stated we have American citizenship. In other words, you consider Guam as its own country!

      You do this by indicating Guam’s population (160,000) and further portraying a picture that the U.S. Federal Government contributes to the island, as if the monies from the federal government is pouring out of the goodness of its heart .

      You further prove my point by indicating the differences in population and size of the countries I have provided in my last response… Again to prove segregation. However, you cannot segregate Guam from the United States because it is…part of the Union.

      Therefore, the country that Guam is part of has a total population of just over 315 million people (U.S. Census, 2012-13). With this in mind, the fact is every state and territory receive monies garnered from the collection of taxes and other forms of revenue by federal government. In other words, it is not a gift.

      Moreover, $111 million (the allocation and dispersal of this amount makes sense) is not even a drop in a bucket to our country’s $3.8 trillion annual budget to date. The US armed forces alone has an annual budget of $793 Billion, which section 30 funds have come from.

      Therefore your interpretation of budget is quite frankly from an average Joe that lives his life day to day, and not from a true accountant’s interpretation and understanding of finance (night and day/ apples to oranges).

      The allocation of funds are provided to assist each state and/or territory. Some places have more and some places have less. What should be taken into account is the fact that the dispersal of funds are not “arbitrarily” given. There are prescribed steps in which the funds can be granted and then provided. Federal agencies such as the US Department of Urban Development and the US Department of Health and Human Services are two examples of the agencies.

      So you see, the leaders of the island are not as imbecilic as you peg them to be. However, this is not to say that some leaders on Guam are exempt from corruption (I made this clear). You know this…but the world also knows this; and the reason the world knows this is… because corruption is EVERYWHERE!

      This is what I was and still am saying.

      Case in point, if the accounting practices is so bizarre (as you have stated in your professional summation of the inner workings of a government), then why didn’t the federal government step in and take over???

      Could it be that we are found to be in compliance???

      Could it be that other towns, cities and states within the Union have also been found to be in compliance to those same practices of bizarre accounting procedures???

      Moreover, you state that the US tax payers do not hear of the nonsense practiced on Guam?

      Well firstly, it is illegal to disclose public information. Therefore, all a person has to do is research it or request this information. In other words, nothing is hidden.

      However, if you discount my statement, do us a favor and start your own coup of a so-called government fund-abusers and see how far and how long you will experience the success before things became crystal clear.

      And secondly,

      Pleeeeease, why would taxpayers give a rat’s a$$???

      Why would you even think that it will change the realities of the world (or the way the US Federal Government do business) not as just the way YOU see it, but as they see it.

      I personally follow the thinking of the masses (taxpayers or not).

      WE know the same games are being played in the front, back and the side of everyone’s yards.

      To bluntly put it, HYPOCRISY exist in your world too (military or not)!

      You just refuse to acknowledge it.

      POLITRICKS exist in your world too (military or not)!

      You just refuse to acknowledge it.

       To end, I just want to say that we should just simply agree to disagree.

    3. Roberto Pelino

      +bruce leroux
      I will try to keep this as short as possible as your response is pretty much half of a rant rather than a thoughtful response. I will try to keep this point based response which address your previously stated claims and hopefully helps you actually get an important point.

      To spare myself time and frustration I can only mindfully address only a sample of comments such as:

      “The mistake you have made is that you have identified Guam as a sovereign Nation, even though you have stated we have American citizenship. In other words, you consider Guam as its own country!”

      – I never said Guam was a sovereign nation nor understand how you even interpret my assertion of the over dependence of Guam’s local government on the U.S. Federal Government as evidence of sovereignty. One reality you completely failed to address what distinguishes an unincorporated U.S. Territory from the other 50 States. A better focus for your bizarre sense of federal rights and responsibilities would be better served by researching the Organic Act of 1950 and the changes that followed.

      “Pleeeeease, why would taxpayers give a rat’s a$$???” 
      – do you pay U.S. federal taxes?

      “Well firstly, it is illegal to disclose public information. Therefore, all a person has to do is research it or request this information. In other words, nothing is hidden.” 
      – public disclosure of information is illegal?

      “Case in point, if the accounting practices is so bizarre (as you have stated in your professional summation of the inner workings of a government), then why didn’t the federal government step in and take over???

      – What makes you think the federal government would even want to? The DOD is what is ultimately leveraging Guam for things far beyond the scope of auditing Calvo Insurance, GTA and GPA revenues (although I doubt even any of these utility “authorities” know there own balance sheets).

      Moving forward: Terms like “POLITRICKS” as a rational or accepted mindset for the problems on Guam is just retarded and a discredit to the people who are constantly questioning the Guam Legislature on a regular basis (just watch local minutes on any of the 2 local networks). Does the U.S. Federal Government have problems? Of course, are the problems on Guam maybe related to a unicameral group of wealthy locals? A legislature too incompetent to manage an absurd cost of living, failing hospitals, schools, and failing energy infrastructure on a U.S. owned island of 160,000 people? Even more strange is that despite these harsh realities, people actually are focusing on concepts as absurd as the notion of a “Chamorro Land Trust” while individuals like you scream for Federal recognition and accountability? 

      Yes, Guam is a very beautiful island and has tremendous wealth which is why I am so irritated when I see the problems on Guam I do. If millions in federal aid for a population with an abundance of nearby military support is insufficient then I have to question people who fail to realize a problem that is local to Guam does exist. if, “POLITRICKS” is your answer so be it. However, I will not let people who are complacent and ignorant get in the way of those who will fight and “work” for what is right.

    4. Bruce Leroux

      +Roberto Pelino


      First, I would like to correct one of the sentences in my previous thread. “It is illegal to NOT disclose public information.” The word NOT should have been inserted between the words to and disclose.  

      My island can definitely improve its infrastructure, economic stability and YES, leadership.I know I sound so apathetic, but we are no different than other places in the world; including towns, cities, states and territories in the US. That’s all I’m saying.

      How can we do better? For one, if we had more people like you that needs to shake things up, and I say it with RESPECT.

      Fair warning: I will state that my reply below is a rant. However, a rant that although little, it still has some substance.

      I think you and I can come to the conclusion that writing responses can become more of a task, especially when one meets his equal of the opposing party (Like you, I am a working professional that on occasion questions the monies garnered from my taxes and how it is being better used).

      Both of us can take it further by saying things like maybe you should better focus your (my) bizarre sense of federal rights and responsibilities and how it would be better served by researching the Organic Act of 1950 and the changes that followed.

      Well, I have to agree, I should focus more of my energy to better things: Which I do. In fact, this blog is not a focus, it is just a break of other more pressing matters that ironically effects us all.

      The bigger question is if there was a point "you" wanted to make known regarding the differences of Trust Territories and the Organic Act of 1950 and how it differs or even goes against from the…let’s say… the US Constitution and what it stands for(aside from the OBVIOUS) or our obligation to the United States in general; then why couldn’t you share this point with all of us in this blog?

      I’m sure realize that there are readers out here that agrees with you, but there are others, who agree with me.

      So in the art of debating, it would make more sense that each party anticipate rebuttals and prepare of time for them…others would just play bluffs because they know their statement offers nothing to very little credence.

      So the ball is in your court, please educate the masses of my bizarre sense of federal rights and responsibilities. and how it vastly differs from any other American citizen.

      The last time I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (many many years ago), I know that it hasn't changed, and therefore, I have the same inalienable rights as any other American citizen. With this in mind, how is it different if someone else disapproves of a (for example)particular law and is given the support by others, albeit when it is me, I am wrong and bizarre to even think that its the same situation?

      Moreover, why don’t you give us your perspective(s) and provide specific examples of how we can possibly improve the accountability, expectations and/or responsibilities that is stated in the Organic Act of 1950, WHICH MIND YOU-is strongly inspired from our US Constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS!

      Hey you brought it up, not me!

      As for myself, I have provided valid points and backed them up with reinforcing examples. This is where I have gotten confused with identifying my response as being more of a rant THAN a thoughtful response (as you’ve stated earlier).

      Honestly, I strongly believe it boils down to not interpreting correctly what is written. For example, you have stated that you have never pegged Guam as a Sovereign nation. However, the examples you have provided in your first thread gave clear examples of the separation i.e., funds and the picture you have painted as to how or why they have been given.

      On the other hand, what i do find extremely bizarre is how you rationalize what you don’t explicitly verbalize of what is truly on the back of your mind and then you play the "I did not say that" card.

      As in, I did not say that Guam was a Sovereign nation.

      If it was some of the other writers in this blog, I would give a very elementary example or analogy, but I know you are well-above a 100pts in your IQ, so it is not necessary.

      Again, I have explicitly pointed out your "underlying message" with examples, whether you intended it to be that why or not. Please read your first thread and then re- read the responses I’ve made to them…It is not just me that sees right through it: there are others as well. So you can accuse me of being crazy, bizarre or whatever, but there are others who agree with me.

      We all can’t be crazy.

      Again, we should just agree to disagree. Peace!

    5. Roberto Pelino

      +Bruce Leroux 

      I will keep this short and to the point. I could dissect your replies thoroughly but ultimately this “blog” as you put it is for people who don’t agree with me. Seeing how it is 2016 now and you claim you work for a living on Guam,
      I sincerely hope your tax refunds come this “year.” At the very least I hope they come within the next 2-3 years but if they don’t I encourage you to remind the masses on Guam (which I assume you speak for) that this standard is just like everyone else in the “United States.” If not, then I suggest you research whatever it is that makes Guam never receive any tax refunds directly from the government (Gov Guam..) taking your local taxes.



  118. Meianna Paulino

    I wish I could go to Guam,my grandparents told me it’s beautiful there.They were born and lived there.(so were my uncles and dad.)

  119. ToXic Flame93

    i lived in guam i went hunting,crabbing,fishing and there school is nice too.Everyone should go there its really nice. Inarjan pool is a nice ocean/tide pool that never fills in.I swam in it.The is like a giant hole where an huge octapus lives in

    1. MJMJ Is Matthew

      ToXic Flame93 Michael

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    1. SuperMario Squad

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    2. Massimiliano Massarenti

      +briantravelman Negative comments were written by North Korean undercover secret agents.

  122. William Clay

    We lived in Guam from 1980-1982 I want to go visit again and see what has changed.

    1. Brian Peterson

      You will find it VERY different. I was first on Guam in 1987/1988 with the Seabees. All the beach bars in Tumon are gone, and it is now a miniature version of Waikiki. There is an outlet mall where the Gibson’s used to be. The ITE phone booths for long distance calling are no longer around. There’s a big mall in Dededo/Harmon area. But the people are still great and I want to go for a visit.

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    2. Kyle Blank

      yes it is in a way!

      [in no disrespect to Guamanian people.]
      [but in the context of military strategy.]

      Guam is the closest thing to key area’s in Asia. As is Hawaii, but Guam is about half the distance away as Hawii. so in retrospect! if Guam was Hawaii and Hawaii was The Californian Coast then in this way Guam would be “Hawaii’s Hawaii”

    3. Aubrey beauty 101


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      To(thetick532) No…Most tourists to Guam come from Asia.

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  128. Nancy Drew

    I was there November 11, 1962 when super typhoon Karen hit the island at 209 mile an hour winds. Not good. Nothing left but our shower stall standing in our home. HOWEVER, it’s a beautiful place now and I think they’ve finally learned how to do better construction.

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    1. Jacob Berk

      +russ king Theres thing you you can do to get back to the Guam islands. However, it can take about 8 hours a day and you may get tired and could take a while…. a job.

    2. russ king

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  153. Mike Adams

    the people who live on those islands are so friendly. they aren’t corrupted by America

    1. Zsolt Papp

      If it wasn’t a US territory they would go back to the stone age. In fact Guam lives on american tourism and servicing the US military bases on the island.

    2. Zsolt Papp

      Being a colony is a good business for Guam, there would be nothing without the military bases and the tourism.

    3. Superpureeliteful

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      I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess Mike is a liberal retard. He’s been drinking the liberal koolaid for sure. The truth of the matter is, Guam hasn’t been fucked up by the liberal agenda. Mainland America’s biggest problem is liberal social engineering. They stir shit just to have something to screech about and further their agenda.

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  155. Ralph Girard

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    1. TaeWithKookies

      rob clay
      Same. The people are really nice there

    2. Sans Jeux

      +rob clay
      I spent a good amount of time in Guam in the 70’s, there was almost nothing there. This video blows me away. I remember the jungles, the ocean and giant African frogs, as well as coral roadways and only maybe one major hotel. The Sheraton I think. Calls to the US could cost as much as $30 a minute as satellite was the only option. On the plus side, absolutely the greatest snorkeling on the planet and amazingly beautiful. Worst attribute: Guam is the most humid and hot place in the UNIVERSE! IMHO, but if the not #1, at least in the top 5. But, I still love Guam as it is truly a gem. 🙂

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  169. Xialee 671

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  170. Bob Harris

    What is now the International Airport was once Harmon Field, a MATS base. I was there from 1947-1949. What is now Andersen AFB once was North Field, a bomber base, B-29’s . This field was used to bomb Japan in ’44-“45. Another field, North West Field was also a B-29 base during WWII, but became a fighter base (P-47’s) after the war. Took an A&E course at this field in 1948.

    . Harmon field was headquarters for the 20th AF,which I was part of. At one time, I once passed this way.
    Robert E. Harris
    S/Sgt. USAF
    20TH. AF.
    P.S. To see Harmon Field from 1947, go to Google, ask for Harmon Field, Guam, 1945.

  171. Rocker3829

    been twice to visit, can’t wait until I get the opportunity at work to spend a few years there!

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    originally this island belongs to Japan,
    American pirates and American Satans occupied this island after WW II.

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      But yeah, Guam does have some cute looking women though, judging from Tinder. haha.

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