Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

Arctic Breed Rescue owners Maren and Racer Gibson have been saving Huskies and Malamutes, deemed “unadoptable,” for the past 20 years. They understand this breed and that the dogs are often misunderstood; the dogs are lively and energetic, and if this energy doesn’t receive an appropriate outlet, it can be channeled negatively.

With this in mind, the Gibsons were inspired to create a dog sledding operation called Team G Sled Dogs, booked through All Seasons Resorts in Park City, Utah, giving the energetic rescues and fosters independence and purpose. Pulling the sleds allows them to run and embrace the open spaces of Park City. Now, rather than being perceived as “unadoptable,” the dogs have proven themselves unstoppable.

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Producer – Sandra Salvas
Cinematography – Bryce Van Leuven, Sean Slobodan, Jordan Overman
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