Highlight: Early Action from U.S. Open Champions – Shop Local

Brooks Koepke, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy First Round Highlights from the 118th U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Highlight: Early Action from U.S. Open Champions  - Buy American

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7 Thoughts to “Highlight: Early Action from U.S. Open Champions – Shop Local

  1. vator exca05

    Holy shit…everyone is playing brutal

    1. jesaliga

      No. The course set up is brutal and punishes players even when they hit good shots. This is the USGA mantra and it has been this way for years.


    Love us open shows top players are not as good as evereyone thinks. Easy game plan aim for middle of fairway use stingers middle of green then putt for par.. cant keep their egos in check

    1. jesaliga

      Wrong. All it proves is that the course set up can be so absurdly difficult and unfair that the best players in the world struggle to make par. If the best players are having such a tough time imagine how a weekend duffer such as yourself would do. Easy for you to say hit a stinger to the middle of the green…you aren’t out there and I seriously doubt you could hit 1 ball out of 50 straight. But go right ahead and tell us that you’re a scratch golfer.

  3. JasJones123

    These greens look awful, have seen the ball bouncing all over the place on long putts, no wonder the guys are taking the same time on the 1 footers as they do on the 20 footers. USGA has had a guy on site for over a year and this is what they offer the players? They will burn these greens out again just like they did when Goosen won there. I feel for the membership, hope you got the costs for the replacement of the greens in writing from the USGA this time.

    1. Mango Man

      Els won his US Opens at Oakmont and Congressional. You might be thinking of Goosen in 2004.

  4. jesaliga

    I stopped watching the U.S. Open three years ago. I lost interest in watching the best golfers on the planet play bogey golf. The problem is the USGA and not the golfers or the venues. The game of golf gets very boring when the courses are set up so ridiculously difficult and unfair that players are not presented with any legitimate scoring opportunities. It’s merely a fight for survival that is as fun to watch as paint drying. It really is a shame how the USGA turns great American goif courses into unplayable pieces of shit for the U.S. Open.